Best Virtual Classroom Solutions for Education Sector

The institutions implementing digital practices in teaching need to take the edge of leveraging the best virtual classroom solutions. PeopleLink offers such smart classroom solutions to meet convenience, cost-effectiveness, and quick interaction.

The education firms go through detailed research while queries arise such as “What solution is the best fit for the teachers to educate learners most effectively?” or “Which platform is simple to use?” and many such questions need proper addressing.

Before getting into detail, let’s take a quick brief on the basics.

What is Virtual Classroom?

Enabling teachers to go live over the internet and reaching students across different locations defines a Virtual Classroom. PeopleLink Solutions are the best ones accessible across different devices such as Mobiles, Laptops, Tabs, etc.

Real-time collaboration is possible with the Virtual Classroom Solutions for presentations, distance training sessions, virtual discussions, lectures, and many more. PeopleLink’s Learning Management System allows connecting even at low bandwidth and at any time.

PeopleLink’s Virtual Classroom Solutions

We have the best solutions that make the teaching-learning process easier while reducing time and travel costs. Furthermore, integrating all the below products delivers lectures with two-way communication, making the classroom and participants more active.

  • Interactive Displays
  • Teacher-student Tracking Cameras
  • e-Podiums applicable for large groups
  • Document Cameras
  • Ceiling Mics
  • Hand-held Microphones.

Features of High-Performance Virtual Classroom

Seamless collaboration between educators and students is possible with high-performance solutions in any virtual and smart classroom. PeopleLink’s Solutions help engage students and teachers in breaking boundaries.

File Transferring

This essential feature allows teachers to send files to the students directly without using third-party solutions during a video conference. The file transfer may happen in various types, including audio, photos, documents, and video files.

Advanced Bandwidth Management

Communication parameters vary depending on various factors, including bandwidth. PeopleLink ensures the solutions provided for virtual classrooms overcome the issue of low bandwidth or network delay while the teachers are hosting sessions from remote locations.

Hand Raise

Students can use the ‘raise hand’ feature, and the student-tracking cameras immediately focus on that student. Hence, the teacher’s attention turns on the student as he/she asks questions in the virtual classroom with Digital Classroom Solutions.

Scalability & Collaborative

Our solutions are highly scalable while providing the client/user with efficiently upgrading the system. Real-time collaboration makes file transfer, annotation, screen sharing, recording, etc., easier with our solutions.

How inVC works as the best Virtual Classroom platform?

A virtual classroom platform integrates into the hardware solutions provided, and inVC powered by PeopleLink, is the best recommended virtual classroom software for any organization. Our solutions meet the end-user’s requirements with customization in the eLearning Industry.

inVC is a simple to use platform for teachers teaching several students simultaneously. Training and development are also made easier with our virtual classroom platform while integrating inVC into our various hardware solutions.

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