Creating an Inclusive Gender-diverse Workspace

Gender diversity is the equitable or fair representation of employees of different genders within your organization.

Awareness of the business case for diversity and equality is on the rise. Whilst most of us agree that in order to have a fair and efficient working environment, an equal balance of men and women is required, more commonly than not, this is not the case despite of the modern age that we live in. Superficially it is indicated that a women’s presence in an organization is a must, but globally, despite making up into the 50% of the population, women generate just 37% of GDP.

Gender diversity in a workplace should mean that women and men are hired consistently at a similar rate, paid equally and are given the same working opportunities with the same promotional opportunities. But gender diversity in the workplace isn’t just about having the exact same number of male and female workers in your team or organization, it is about providing equal opportunities, recognition, and remuneration for all the employees no matter their caste, race, religion, or gender.

Gender-inclusive organizations that prioritizes, equal opportunities and advancements for women reap a variety of benefits -

The alternatives that the companies opt for today on workforce equality will have consequences for decades to come. As a society, we’re departing a lot of money on the table by allowing the gender discrimination gap to continuously widen. According to McKinsey & Company’s Global Institute report, states that narrowing the gender gap could add between $12 and $28 trillion to the global GDP.

Content Employees

By promoting gender equality the entire environment of a workplace becomes content. It also leads to equal distribution of roles and responsibilities between men and women based on their preferences and not stringent to what society terms as gender-specific roles.

Diversity in Ethnicity, Age, and Race goes a long way

Implementing Diversity in Age, Ethnicity, and Race in a workplace cannot be a one-sided initiative. It has to be supported by the employees as well, because if they don’t treat each other as one then no amount of inclusive diversity implementation can become effective.

Identifying Skilled Talent

A gender-diverse workplace will always comprise various differently skilled and talented individuals. It empowers companies to tap into more comprehensive talent pools. The presence of inclusive talent in the workplace promotes collaboration & enhances the overall productivity of the organization.

At PeopleLink, we have always believed in fostering gender diversity and equality at our workplace. Be it from providing equal leadership opportunities to promoting equitable evaluation and payscale.

We know that these change will not happen overnight, however as more businesses and organizational leaders drive the narrative for gender equality and inclusion, it will promote women’s equality, create a more efficient work environment, and empower every organization’s success.

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