Experience the Exclusivity of Palm Expo 2024 with PeopleLink

We are delighted to announce that our PeopleLink will be at Palm AV-ICN Expo 2024, an event dedicated to sound, lights, and visuals. Want to meet us? Then save the dates from May 30 to June 1. The exhibit will be at the Bombay Exhibition in Mumbai, India. As an AV leader, we are excited to show our wide range of Video Collaboration Solutions at booth #A41 – Hall 2.

Palm Expo

Discover the Future of Video Collaboration

At Palm Expo 2024, PeopleLink will offer video collaboration solutions from a single OEM. We design these products to meet the needs of modern businesses. We have the perfect solution for setting up huddle rooms, meeting spaces, work from home setups or training rooms.

We are focused on new ideas. This means you’ll use the latest video call tech. We want to change how you communicate and work together. The goal is to make your business run smoother and better.

We have also contributed to AV solutions in the education industry. It includes devices such as Podiums, tracking cameras, and Interactive Displays. Our comprehensive solution goes well with our in-house software solution inClass. The idea is to show you that PeopleLink has everything you’ve been looking for. One stall, many wonders.


Meet Our Excited Team

Our PeopleLink team is ready to talk with industry experts. We want to share our insights. Our team can show how our solutions can improve your business communications. Come to booth #A41 to see our products and technology in action.

The expo showcases products from major international brands. PeopleLink is ready to showcase audio equipment and technologies at the Pro Audio Expo. Our team is happy to share the same platform as the world’s best brands. We assure you the best experience with our newest and most advanced products.

Contribution in Several Industries

PeopleLink’s audiovisual equipment and software support services are changing various industries, such as:

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Enterprise

  • Retail Industry

  • BFSI Industry

PeopleLink’s goal is to provide tailored solutions that address the specific needs of each industry. We empower organizations to thrive in today’s digital world by offering AV communication expertise.


Notable Highlights: InstaVC and inLynk Solutions at Palm Expo

We are happy to show you our two flagship platforms that represent our brand well.

InstaVC Suite

InstaVC is our top video conferencing platform. It provides smooth connections and high-quality meetings. Visit us to discover verticalized video applications that offer a complete suite of Video Collaboration across industry verticals. Visit us to find answers to all your unique video collaboration requirements.

  1. InstaVC Suite (World’s 1st Complete Video Application Suite – 10 Unique Vertical Specific Video Application Platforms.)

  2. Affordable and Easy Conferencing Collaboration

Diverse product line: inClass, inAffiliate, InMeet, InClinic, inCast, inShop, InAPI, inConsult

images instavc Suite-01

inLynk Platform

InLynk is an engagement platform that helps you create more interactive experiences that can captivate your audience. The platform also adds enterprise growth with a digital workspace and a 360° business network ecosystem.

  1. Next-Gen AI-based Network Engagement Platform

  2. Helps to Build, Grow, Manage, and Engage your network

Provides a framework for Employees, Partners and Customers Engagement


About Palm Expo

The Palm Expo, with its ‘Professional to the Core’ motto, is a platform that champions quality and new ideas. With a staggering attendance of around 25,000 people from across India, it’s a prime opportunity for those looking to shape their future careers or expand their businesses. The event showcases the latest products from renowned international brands. It also provides a unique space for networking and staying in line with industry trends.

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