GPP Collaborates with PeopleLink to Launch an Online Healthcare Consultation Platform

An Australia based Healthcare organization, Global Patient Portal (GPP) is joining hands with PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt. Ltd. to introduce the most effective online consultation platform to Indian Healthcare domain. “Netik – Quick Clinic”, “Netik” in Hindi means ‘Excellent’ or ‘The Best’, as the name suggests it is an online portal which will connect the patients to the doctors over the internet for quick consultations. They can instantly consult the doctor online from their home/offices through their mobile device, laptops or desktops.

“We believe, Netik – Quick Clinic will supremely benefit the Indian Medical Market and assist patients in having a better access to Healthcare offerings” CEO, Global Patient Portal.

PeopleLink, the pioneers in the field of software based video collaborative platforms in India, has partnered with GPP on the technological front in providing the most advanced designed solution. Netik will also have the provision of securely sharing and storing of medical images and e-prescription between the doctor and the patients. So, every time a patient enters the consultation session with the doctor, the reports will be readily available for reference.

“GPP and PeopleLink have partnered for bringing in the most user-friendly technology in the Healthcare sector. This portal will simplify collaboration. Consulting a doctor will now be just as easy as making a phone call. Consulting the doctor and ordering medications/diagnostics will only be a couple of clicks away” says CTO, Global Patient Portal.

The launch of Netik – Quick Clinic will ensure easier availability of Healthcare facilities for the patients, ignoring long queues, stressful and expensive hospital transits. This revolutionary Telehealthcare portal will be an added benefit in elderly and pediatric care also. “We have been successfully “video enabling” the business of our clients in the past one decade. We are happy to get associated with GPP in their endeavor to bring something effective for the patients and medical practitioners in India”, says Amit Chowdry (CEO, PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt. Ltd.)

Netik – Quick Clinic, will be among one of the most secured and complied under a set of Medical standards like HIPAA, HL-7 and a range of ISOs, available for safeguarding personal medical data online. It will allow patients to shop for medicines online prescribed by the doctor and also get counseled and have useful updates on healthy living, post and pre-operative care and balanced diet.

“We are elated at this collaborative venture of GPP and PeopleLink. We are convinced that we shall be successful in carrying forward this associative binge in bringing in more innovative solutions for both global and Indian markets.” says CBO, PeopleLink Unified Communication Pvt. Ltd

“Currently, we are focusing on video enablement of work processes to aid in smooth functioning of businesses. Netik – Quick Clinic is a similar undertaking in the field of Healthcare. This Platform shall make the General Practitioners available to the masses through their mobile devices. This OPD (Online Pervasive Diagnostics) service will be a milestone in changing the patient journey and making an option available for a healthier living” says Strategic Alliance, PeopleLink Unified Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Netik – Quick Clinic which is due for release mid-February 2018, shall enter the Indian Healthcare arena. Speculations are on the rise about its impact on the stakeholders in the medical domain. It is expected that this innovative solution with take the Indian Healthcare market by storm and prove conducive both for the patients and medical practitioners.

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