How are live streaming and webinars conducive for businesses?

Live Streaming and Webinars Overview
Video is the most productive global enterprise tool in recent times. Businesses are utilizing video technology, in all forms, to handle their communication, collaboration and training needs. Video has lent more convenience and productivity to business communication and training by adding virtuality. Apart from video conferencing and collaboration, LIVE video streaming, webcasts and webinars are also providing huge business benefits to organizations. Organizations are leveraging webcast and webinar benefits to expand the reach of their business to a wider audience base. This has made the global webcast and webinar market to shoot up to 16.34 Billion USD in 2017 and is expected to rise to around 40.84 Billion USD by 2022. (MarketsandMarkets)

Driving factor for webinars and webcasting for organizational requirement

Digitization – The digitization or digital transformation of the corporates and educational institutes is one of the major driving forces behind the inclusion of webcasting and Live video streaming into business workflows.

Emergence of smart devices – The smart device has also played a leading role in putting live video for better usage. These devices support multi-media content and are the most favourable platform for playing videos. The easy accessibility has made a video yet for appealing for the viewers and has drove the organizations to utilize Live video for brand marketing and greater audience engagement.

Millennial Workforce – Millennial make the majority of the present-day workforce. They are highly technology savvy and are known to notoriously discard all authentic collaborative platforms like email or even telephonic conversation. Their buying and investment decisions depends mostly on query resolvation by asking a question. Webinars and Live streaming are the best way to convince them into making a purchase.

Need for competitive advantage – The global business scenarios are changing rapidly. Organizations are incorporating high-end technologies for marketing end-products. Interactive webinars and webcasts are most desirable ways to scale up your reliability in front of your potential clients.

Benefits of live streaming and webinars

Improved credibility among the audience – Conducting a webinar or streaming a live video showcasing your product or services helps in positioning you as an industry expert. You may present the usability of the product as the most desirable product for solving the problems of your potential clients. Your knowledge about the existing problem and demonstrating the right solution will undoubtedly enhance your credibility among your potential clients.

Delivering higher value– A webinar, if done right, with right content can deliver enormous value.The audience can directly ask question and resolve their queries. This has two-way benefits, it helps the audience to make an informed decision and also helps you get an idea about the your target audience and their expectations from the product/solution that you intend to sell.

Higher sales conversion – “Seeing is believing”. According to a recent study, 85% of consumers’ buying decision is based upon ‘seeing’, they tend to buy a product after seeing the explainer video. What can be better than show a live demo of your product?

Easy training sessions– Live streaming and interactive webinars are great training tools for any business. They can be utilize to train internal employees or conduct post-sales training. The Live video streams and webinars can be recorded and utilized for similar purposes in the future.

SEO Benefits – Live stream and webcasts can be utilized to churn huge SEO benefits for your website. You can record the live streams and webcasts and share them on different social platforms. This will allow you to have a higher audience interaction. You audience can ‘Like’, ‘Share’ ‘Comment’ or ‘Retweet’, giving you a clearer view about their preferences. It is easy to analyze who is your targeted audience and what are their preferences. Moreover, sharing them on social media will drive more traffic towards your website.

Interactive webinars and live video streaming can bring in countless benefits for any organization. At PeopleLink, we employ cutting-edge technology to ensure that your business reaps seamless exposure through our video conferencing event services and interactive video delivery with our Live webcasting solution (InstaCast). We are here to help you avoid unproductive meetings call drops and troubleshooting issues. Contact Us for more information.

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