How can artificial intelligence benefit business communication?

Before we begin with the association of AI with video conferencing, it is important to have a clear concept about AI. Artificial Intelligence is about making machines smarter, enabling them to think and act, replicating humans to some extent. The dynamic nature of modern business environment has tantalized business owners to incorporate artificial intelligence within the workflow, making it more user-friendly. However, with the advancement of latest technologies organizations have been able to incorporate AI in a more tangible form into the enterprise workflow.

Enterprise communication is one of the paramount building block of any business. Success nowadays isn’t restricted to hardworking but it is more about collaborative working and effective networking. AI has folder into enterprise communication, both internal and external making. it yet more flexible and user-focused

Knowing about the user-perspective and the actual notion of AI

“Artificial intelligence (AI, also known as machine intelligence, MI) is Intelligence displayed by machines, in contrast with the natural intelligence (NI) displayed by humans and other animals.” (Wikipedia). Al is a concept that makes machines smarter enough to take decisions and work based on it. This can be utilized for our benefit without posing any threat to our existence. AI cannot make machine smarter enough to take up our jobs or replace us in any forms, as some of us might fear.

The concept of Al depends on certain capabilities like Machine Learning (ML), Machine Perceptions (Hearing or Vision) and Social Intelligence. ML is playing a key role in a wide range of applications around us. For example, UBER, the most popular global transportation technology company is using ML widely within their applications. “Uber Eats uses machine learning to estimate the delivery time for your meals. We went from a finite approach — where you compute the time using the distance between you and the restaurant, the average speed and the time to prepare the meal — to taking the delivery times for thousands and thousands of meals and basing the prediction on that. Overnight, that improved our estimates by 26 percent.” says-Danny Lange, Uber’s Head Of Machine Learning (source:

Machine Perceptions teaches the machine to use their sensory input associating with their general computing skills to provide us with outputs, easier to utilize and adhere to.

The Social AI is making machines smarter to deliver better user experience socially. The greatest example of Social AI is the “Face Tagging” feature in Facebook that allows users to tag friends in their stories on the News Feed. Though Social AI won’t replace human engagement altogether but shows endless potentials for social media marketers.

How is PeopleLink Integrating AI into enterprise communication?

AI has already set its foot into the modern business world, especially within the domain of virtual communication. We at PeopleLink has integrated AI to make our VC peripherals and devices smarter than before. Our VC peripherals are “intelligent” enough to act upon without manual intervention. PeopleLink’s Conference cameras are especially designed to “autofocus” on the presenter or change views from the past to the currently active presenter. These cameras are even capable of auto-adjusting the brightness of the room to ensure clearer video during conference sessions.

PeoleLink smart speakers and audio devices are capable of complete echo cancellation. They are designed to capture the voices of the speaker/speakers across the room setting aside all the unwanted noise or echoes, resulting in impeccable audio quality. All the stakeholders in a conference can clear hear each other clearly, making virtual meeting more productive.

PeopleLink’s InstaVC, the WebRTC based virtual collaborative platform is also programmed to send auto-reminders and notifications about meeting. PeopleLink’s video enabled LMS solution can auto-assess the student’s performance assigning them grades according to the marks obtained.

This is however, just the beginning of innovations, the experts at PeopleLink are brainstorming day-in and day out to present global organizations with more “intelligent” solutions multiplying their usability to a great extent. To know more about our latest finds, visit

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