How can video enabled smart hiring benefit the HR department?

The recruitment or hiring is an integral part of the Human Resource Management. It is the very first step of appointment. Recruitment includes the entire process of attracting, selecting, interviewing and appointing the right candidates, whether temporary or permanent for all the available positions in an organization. Organizations may have a high-volume of pre-hire process to align the right candidates to the available positions. Multiple-levels of interviews and assessment elongates the process, adding to the difficulties of the HR professionals. Video enabling the entire recruitment process shall have manifold benefits for the HR department and the organization as a whole.

Here are some very prominent benefits that video enablement can bring to the hiring process

Reduced hiring time – “Using video delivers 35% greater year-over-year improvement in time to hire.” (Aberdeen). Using video for interviews helps HR professionals accommodate more interviews in a day compared to the on-premises counterpart.

A single interview sessions can have multiple people from the management joining in for interviewing the candidate, all of them might not be in the same location. This eliminates the requirement of having multiple rounds of interview and call upon faster decision making.

Attracts greater talents – “78% of millennials state that they are strongly influenced by how innovative a company is when considering employers.” (Deloitte University Press). Millennials (Born between 1980 to 2000) make up the largest portion of the present day workforce. They are more mobile and are choosy about how they work and where they work. They are tech-savvy and used to virtual collaboration and connectivity. Millennials generally prefer organizations using smart technologies in their daily workflow. A smart hire will undoubtedly help an organization attract greater number of millennial talents as their prospective employees.

Improved top-level hiring process – Unlike, the recruitment of mid-level or junior level staffs, the hiring of the employees in the leadership positions involves a considerable level of confidentiality. The interviews for the positions of CEO, CTO, Vice Presidents etc are generally conducted online. Incorporating a two-way video conferencing can assist in maintaining optimum discretion in the top-level recruitment process. Moreover, the prospects for the top-level positions are already busy professionals, placed well in their present organizations. A video interview can have a prospective candidate join in from anywhere, even while being on the move, thus saving a lot of time.

Reduced per hire expense – “Video conferencing provides a 32% greater reduction in cost per hire”. (Aberdeen). Video interviews can replace the on-premises interviews thus reducing the traveling expenditure involved with the screening process of the long-distance candidates. The HR department can be quite innovative with the incorporation of video into the regular work process. An employee can be offered remote working facility as an incentive if the company cannot afford a raise.

Face-to-face interview– According to Prof. Albert Mehrabian, 93% communication is non-verbal, only 7% is verbal. Among the 93% non-verbal communication, 55% is the speaker’s body language and 38% is the tone of his/her voice ( A telephonic interview cannot replace a two-way video interview where the interviewer can come to a decision based on the information provided by the candidate, his/her body language and the voice tone, suggesting his/her level of confidence, energy and sharpness; important credentials of a good resource.

A larger pool of talent – A video enabled smart hire process allows the HR department to have a wider scope for searching talents. Companies are often restricted to look and pick local candidates. Interviewing an off-station candidates makes the process lengthy and expensive. The evolution of video interview, have helped the HR department to widen their search for suitable candidates ignoring the distance and the traveling cost.

At PeopleLink, we try to make day-to-day work processes easier and smarter for businesses. Be it a larger organization, small or mid-sized, a process that can curtail down the hiring time and cost. without comprising upon the candidate quality is no less than a windfall. This is however, just the tip of the iceberg. Our video enabled solutions for businesses have been empowered for lot more. Don’t settle for less when you can get more. Get in touch and know more about smart hiring process.

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