How is digital transformation changing business scenarios?

Digital Transformation isn’t just a new word in the digital world, it is the core concept that has the potential to transform business operations for better. It is a process of mutating your business from legacy to the new digital genre.

What drives digital transformation?

The biggest driving factor for the digital transformation is customer satisfaction followed by higher revenue generation, increased benefits leveraged from digital technologies and higher demand for IoT. Customers in recent times often demand easy-to-use technological assistance from the service providers. Apart from setting up better connection with stakeholders; a digitally enabled business can pace up productivity and cumulate higher ROI.

How can a business get digitally transformed?

The first step to digital transformation, starts with smooth collaboration. Every business needs to have an integrated communicative medium. Since, communication greatly affects business decisions, unified communicative solutions can extrusively help in digitizing the enterprise communicative mediums.

Digital Transformation of an organization makes work easier for in-office,remote workers and geographically distributed team. UC collaboration tools helps employees to stay connected to their workplace even while they are on the move. This eventually curtails the turnaround time and ensures immediate responses to customer complaints and queries.

The recent times,digital transformation has enable anywhere, anytime time access to the enterprise communication tools. Apart from the plethora of on-premises UC solutions simplifying business communications, there are various cloud-based software applications as well. responsible for automatizing the business processes to skyrocket the productivity and reducing infrastructural costs.

PeopleLink’s role in advocating enterprise level digital transformation

Being the stalwart of UC solutions, PeopleLink has always focused on digitally transforming the business processes through UC solutions based on futuristic WebRTC protocol. The enterprise-level communication along with P2P communication were taken into account. The real-time collaboration with complete access to all core business applications through any device initiated virtual workplace. This helped teams to work faster, make a quick and unanimous decision and solve problems together.

The PeopleLink’s real-time based video conferencing solution is not just restricted to business communication and collaboration. These solutions have helped businesses look beyond virtual collaboration and integrate digitization into their workflow . PeopleLink solutions have digitally transformed all core business processes by video enabling them for better usage. The integration of the HD video to critical business applications have scaled up employee efficiency and productive effectiveness. These ubiquitous video conferencing solutions can fit and fulfill the digital transformation goals of industries across different business lines, lending them a competitive advantage.

“The digital transformation market size is estimated to grow from USD 148.04 Billion in 2015 to USD 392.15 Billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.7% from 2016 to 2021.” (MarketsandMarkets). Digital Transformation is the predominant agenda of 2017. Companies are considering to mix voice, video and data to step into the future of business collaboration.PeopleLink video conferencing and UC solutions are empowering organizations to drive digital transformation into their business for positive outcomes.

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