INSTAVIEW – InstaView is a CMS for videos i.e. Private YouTube™

PeopleLink’s InstaView is the most powerful browser based on-demand video content management platform for creating truly interactive and engaging video experience for users.

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Content Management, Streaming, and Conversion

Videos aren’t similar to other files. A spike in viewers during a live broadcast impedes the network. InstaView not only provides you with the tool to manage your video assets on your website and stream on-demand video efficiently across your network but also ensures FHD video conversion without compromising on the quality.

Seamless Video Integration with a Content Management System

To share and store video content, it is imperative to have a system competent enough to handle large video files and complex video streaming requirement. InstaView is custom-made to put an end to the troubles of a forceful video integration with a content management system. It’s an enterprise-class video management platform for managing, formatting, accessing, branding and streaming them to a varied range of devices.

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Transcoding and Cross-browser Compatibility

The in-built video transcoding system and functionalities initiates device-related transcoding, based on the device profile (web/mobile) that allows perpetual video conversion. InstaView is completely mobile friendly and displays amazing cross-browser compatibility, making it compatible with all popular browsers.

Complete Back-end Control and Management

A complete back-end control for the admin role that includes includes the ability to register users, set video size limits, have comprehensive video manager tools, user manager, and statistics. Moreover, with comprehensive insights management, you can perfectly organize statistics for easy understanding.

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Rich Interface and User Experience

Dual in-built players, multiplayer with skins, full screen viewing, slider functionality for forwarding/rewinding, sound adjustment, and ability to pause/resume video. Complete photos support for easy curation and sharing. Channel creation allows users to create channels similar to YouTube user Profile Creation. Allows separate profile creation that user can edit.

Social Platform Functionality

Allows sending friend requests, create groups, add users, block unwanted users etc. Email notification for registration, comments, published video etc. Modules Help for proper guidance for module installation. Playlists/Favorites allows users to add videos. Inappropriate content reporting to the admin. Private Messaging to share text messages and videos.

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Product Features

  • Independent section for videos, photos, channels, users, watch videos, sign up, manage account, video manager, etc.
  • Multiple video conversion simultaneously without compromising on quality
  • FHD video (1080p video quality). Multiple other resolutions as well: 240P, 360p, 480p, 720P, etc.
  • Complete bootstrap support meaning you can implement your codes with far more ease.
  • In-built Ad Manager for easy monetization of the website.
  • Well Structured Database.
  • Highly Secure (Completely My SQL injection free). Secured Encryption (min AES128)
  • YouTube API allows playing Youtube videos on the portal.


  • User-friendly and easy to operate without need for technical know-how. Easy installation of necessary plugins / themes.
  • Being lightweight prevents the website from being heavy, allows smooth and easy navigation.
  • Unlimited video handling support.
  • Responsive, mobile friendly, cross-browser compatibility.
  • Social platform friendly.
  • Improves business productivity.
  • Customizable solutions.
  • Easy to embed video codes on any website/page.

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