Linking Government to Citizens through Technology

We are committed towards bridging the gaps which inhibited the true realisation of Unified Video Collaboration in the government sector, says Amit Chowdry in an interview with ENN

What are the growth expectations of the company this year?
PeopleLink is spearheading its operations and presence globally. We aim to strengthen our presence in both, direct / partner led engagements from 25 countries today to 180 countries in next 3 years. We are in the process of expanding our solution portfolio globally and are entering into strategic agreements with various telcos for our cloud based / hosted offerings and end users for customised video enabled integrations to achieve a pervasive WebRTC offering. Our next major go to market strategy involves us partnering with large Global System Integrations (SIs) and Partners.

Tell us about a key product that you expect will do well and why?
PeopleLink has its flagship product called HDVC, which is head turner for businesses to benefit from our offerings by mitigating their current challenges which are causing them to limit their adoption of video collaboration due to several reasons like exuberant technology / operating costs, compulsion of opting for a single vendor and requirement for a huge rack space for installing separate equipment for each feature (Example – Gateways, Recording Servers and MCUs etc).

Case Study:
Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) is one of the India’s leading road transport commission serving thousands of people daily. APSRTC is being a high quality service provider in executing effective road transport across all the corners of Andhra Pradesh. APSRTC wanted to connect its depots some of which are in rural areas with extremely low bandwidths. APSRTC conducts Management level meetings across all locations for discussing revenue generated throughout the day from a particular depot, regarding the new bus routes in their particular region, How to improve the service to the common people, etc. Depot Managers are now able to interact with the Head Office officials and other depot managers on a daily basis for Trainings / Daily accounts / etc. At few depots where bus services are not available or require more no of buses in their regions, they can directly approach the HO officials through Video conference.

What are your expectations with the new government?
The new Government is pro technology having a major focus on communication. The Government has well accomplished the need of communication to reach out to the remotest Indian citizen across the globe. Their imperatives are very positive towards the use of technology in order to have a well collaborated population. The Government today is having all their major meetings over various forms of video conferencing for minimizing their operating costs spent on travelling.With their initiatives and policies like Adarsh Gram Yojana, PeopleLink is confident in being a part of this Nobel cause, as our capabilities to connect at low bandwidths with minimal infrastructure shall be the key towards their success.

How do you sync with the vision of Digital India announced with the government?
The Government of India has a detailed Digital India vision for the country, which is supported on nine pillars. In the next five years, the entire infrastructure shall have a major growth strategy. PeopleLink which comes with a very vast experience of implementing some of the very complex projects in the field of remote / virtual education and tele-medicine will go hand in hand with the government’s vision. The entire concept of Digital India is supported on the foundation of technologically connecting the remotest of the areas, collaborating with them for an inclusive growth of all.

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