Live Video Shopping Portal For Retail; The Next Big Thing?

The arrival of the live video shopping era from the comfort of your home is transforming the traditional way of shopping. Live video shopping not only bridges the gap between the conventional and the modern shopping experience but also provides customers with the leisure of shopping virtually via video conferencing, which saves a lot of time and travel expenditure. This is an exciting new trend taking place in the world of E-commerce called Live-commerce.

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Blending interactive video collaboration with instant purchasing is the next big thing, proving to generate that dreamy shopping environment for the purchasers from the comfort of their home or any other place. It is a digital platform with enormous scope for creating a valuable and efficient experience.

Video conferencing solutions for the Retail sector facilitate a more structured and convenient form of video interaction between retailers and the customers. It also embraces an organized form of collaboration between your drivers, suppliers, warehouse managers, and stores, demolishing the communication gap between them. Furthermore, the improvement of the supply chain management system of the Retail sector can thus result in reducing wastage, leading to lesser organizational stress for the procurement and the supply chain managers.

How does the Live Video Shopping Portal Create Value?

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Accelerating digital conversations requires a seamless video collaboration platform for you to sell live without ignoring any particular demand or requirement that your customer at any point in time might have. Hence, it is essential to have a software that focuses on every minute requirement that your customer demands.

Live Video Shopping is engaging, immersive, and keeps the viewers intact. According to Web Hosting Secret Revealed, the E-commerce segment comprised more than 13% of all retail revenue in 2019. Live Shopping strengthens positioning amongst existing customers and attracts new ones, especially young people who are keen about innovative shopping formats and experiences.

PeopleLink’s Video Shopping Portal helps E-commerce, Brands, and Business owners with the chance to demonstrate their products live on a video call and impart shoppers with accurate information and an in-person virtual shopping experience that helps them form better and quicker decisions.

With PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing solution for the Retail sector, create an exciting and personalized shopping experience for your customers. In addition, Live Shopping for your brand can be a way of generating more consciously engaged and easily accessible sales platform through which seamlessly shoppable live video interactions become a reality.

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