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India has become one of the key penetrating markets for unified communication (UC) solutions in the APAC region. With the rise of SMEs, Mobile workforce, and BYOD, the demand for UC is expected to increase in the coming years and the nation is expected to see an upward trend in the adoption of Video Conferencing. With the Digital India dernier cri resonating throughout the country, the government of India has now put its unwavering focus to connect the remotest part of the country to the mainstream development. Headquarters in Hyderabad, PeopleLink is one among the strong leading UC players who have imbibed futuristic technologies and have come up with their WebRTC Collaborative platform. WebRTC is a free, open project that provides browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple APIs.While PeopleLink’s peers struggle to come with P2P architecture for collaboration on WebRTC platform, the company has already launched their MCU architecture, wherein multiple parties from various networks and devices can connect to a single call utilizing the WebRTC platform and thereby efficaciously optimize the resources that are consumed.

PeopleLink’s Next Gen Ultra HD Video Conference Platform- InstaVC
Based on WebRTC technology, InstaVC is a client-less and plug-in free, real-time communication platform that enables multipoint to multipoint Full High Definition (4K @ 60fps) audio, video, and data collaboration across platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Apart from enabling easy connectivity with existing standard-based video systems, PeopleLink InstaVC also ensures a seamless integration with other hardware based endpoints so that the client organization may conduct conferences&share presentations while ensuring an effective visual collaboration with necessary licenses. “Our offerings grow with the User; our offering of 1X scalability is something which the hardware competition does not support. Also, the offering is extremely helpful in interacting with the external stakeholders who are from different organizations, territory etc and use various different solutions for their collaboration needs,” says Amit Chowdry, CEO, PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt. Ltd. Likewise, the company offers pocket friendly and effective customized InstaVC solutions to their clients. These customized services range from a Simple White labeling, Open API to custom application development, wherein the user can get the visual effects changed as per their brand requirements for integrating the client’s present applications with the company’s API for audio, video and data streams to develop applications from scratch. “Visual collaboration is continuing to change and it’s our imperative to offer users with the latest technology, which is intuitive, easy to use, Interoperable and customizable as per the individual needs of the organizations. PeopleLink InstaVC is all about offering the most comprehensive collaboration at the most affordable prices,” adds Amit.

Offering Flawless Audio and Video across Networks
Voice & Video quality is the central premise for any Video communication and this quality is directly dependent on the available bandwidth allocated for conducting effective video communications. PeopleLink solutions intelligently encrypt the Video&Audio using high efficiency encryption protocols like H.264 VBR/CBR, VP8 and G.723.1, G.729, GIPS & Opus respectively to ensure consistency in quality even at low bandwidths while being secure. The company leverage’s their technology to ensure an optimal usage of the available resources without compromising on the quality while retaining the security of its transmission for various mission critical operations. Similarly, The company’s software based video conferencing technologies work at one third of the bandwidth that is required by the traditional hardware based VC setups, thereby offering flawless audio and video on all networks including MPLS, VPN, LAN, VSAT, home broadband and even 3G Data Cards and wireless networks. Correspondingly, the software enables users to conduct high definition Telepresence grade multi-location video conferencing right from their Boardroom, Training Hall, Conference room and even their own personal desktop/laptop over the Internet.“PeopleLink is committed towards bridging the gaps which inhibited the true realization of Unified Video Collaboration with its many affordable and Interoperable offerings that liberate the Businesses from all sorts of proprietorship while forming their UC strategy.” implies Amit. Further the company’s cross platform OS, browser & smart phones support ensures users can connect without having to worry about where they are located or what platform they are on.“PeopleLink understands the challenges of the CIOs while determining their UC strategy for the business. We offer solutions customizable from Device based mass deployment for video enabling the entire workforce to Boardroom setups for scrums & team meetings to the extensive Ultra HD Telepresence setups to ensure effective leadership presence for the businesses“ Amit further adds.

Promising Secure Connections
Realizing the importance of security when it comes to an organization‘s interactions with their external stakeholders like Users, vendors, partners etc which makes the nature of business communication rest on a heterogeneous network, PeopleLink offers clients with a complete secure connectivity over different networks at varying bandwidths. Moreover, The company‘s solutions offer effective firewall traversal capability for a seamless communication experience for the users. “PeopleLink adapts to the trends and needs of the users to modify its offerings, which make them best suited for the enterprise sector,” states Amit.

Connecting Rural Areas across the Globe
PeopleLink realizes that heterogeneous legacy systems are one of the inevitable challenges that an enterprises are forced to face while deploying UC, and so the company furnishes an interoperable solution which gets connected with any standards based video conference setup in the world. The company’s solutions are capable of interacting with over H.323 / SIP channels to ensure that a seamless call gets established. Since the company’s solutions are capable of connecting on those basic data card connection which are not supported by others, PeopleLink has been successful in connecting the rural and less advanced territories across the globe and bring them on the collaboration map. On the other side, PeopleLink offers its solutions on-premise, on-cloud and as managed service to ensure that it caters to the future requirements of the user. Furthermore, the company prides its obsolescence free offerings that ensures that all the necessary updates & upgrades are available for the User to enhance their offering, so that they maybe in pace with the latest technology. “Our Solutions offer high affordability, Interoperability with legacy Hardware Systems and a seamless integration with 3rd party AV Equipment for businesses to optimize their TCO, attain higher & faster ROI, while securing their prior Investments made on the Existing Infrastructure. This makes PeopleLink solution the next big bet for any Business,” concludes Amit.

2015 – PeopleLink launched first of its kind easy to use true cross platform Video Conference MCU Solution which uses WebRTC based client-less architecture and works on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iPad’s and also interoperate with Traditional Video Conference platforms.
2014 – Peoplelink was the first company in India to launch inbuilt Six Channel Video Mixer within the Video conference platform.
2013 – PeopleLink Launched First of its Kind PeopleLink Digital Video Conference Podium for High End Smart Classrooms with inbuilt Touch Screen, Touch panel controller and Multipoint Video Conference and Audio conference system.
2012 – PeopleLink Launched Ultra HD Video Conference Platform along with Android and iOS applications and made it a truly mobile platform.
2011 – PeopleLink Launched the First of its Kind Software based Customized Telepresence Solution with capability to support up to 16 Displays.
2010 – PeopleLink Launched the Complete Series of PeopleLink Conference Room Solutions with PTZ cameras, audio devices.

Launch of PeopleLink Managed Video Services
PeopleLink has also initiated its Managed Service portfolio, which addresses the need of ad-hoc video requirements of the Users. Managed Service for visual collaboration has a potential of almost 52% CAGR growth, hence; it sets the company and its Products & services on a fast pace growth platform. The Managed service also opens up the possibility of having a multi-tenant deployment model, wherein the service providers can also offer the collaboration on their cloud under SaaS and PaaS services.
“Managed video services is seeing an upward trajectory, which is indeed an acknowledgment of video being accepted as a preferred medium for effective governance & mass collaboration. It presents a unique way to get a stronger visual strategy for the ATL / BTL marketing. The services are effectively being explored by many to enhance their marketing activities like product Launches, announcement of services & policies, conducting multi-city promotions, etc.” –  Head Product Marketing & PeopleLink Managed Video Services.

PeopleLink’s largest deployment of Video Connectivity for Rajasthan Government
PeopleLink is presently deploying, which can be called as the largest deployment of 18,000 port video collaboration platform for the Government of Rajasthan. The solution shall spread over 32 districts of Rajasthan covering the entire state to be virtually connected. This ambitious 5 Year project aims at the criticality of adopting visual collaboration by the government for effective people reach out strategy and for effective governance. These projects help empower the people and get them closer to the government for effective grievance management, while the government uses the platform for making its departments more agile and connected for an inclusive growth of the state.

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