PeopleLink Launched GoLive App in Jammu and Kashmir

PeopleLink launched the GoLive App in Jammu on Friday, August 3rd, 2018, at Hotel Radisson Blu.

The launch was attended by a large base of partners that Peoplelink has in Jammu & Kashmir.

GoLive App is an Artificial Intelligence powered business and communication platform that can be leveraged by partners. They can now access the latest content of the products such as proposals, presentations, flyers, and marketing material directly from OEM that can help move their sales forward. Partners can communicate live on video with PeopleLink’s presales or technical team when in meeting with a customer to get direct support. GoLive also assists in real time tasks and project collaboration.

Later, with new updates, the partner’s sales representative will be able to manage leads, raise quotes, and process orders from within the GoLive App.

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