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Interactive Displays increase corporate & business opportunities, enhance educational pursuits, and enable at-home leisure.

The rise of Interactive Displays has paved significant transformation across different industry verticals, such as retail, BFSI, education, corporate & government, healthcare, transportation, sports, entertainment, and hospitality. An Interactive Display is a large-format Smart display that is perfect for meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. It is the latest cutting-edge technology empowering superior quality display, impeccable connectivity, and productive collaboration.

The global market size for interactive displays has observed expansion by leaps and bounds over the last few years. According to “meticulous-research’s” analysis, the market for Interactive Displays is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 8.1% from 2020 to 2027 to reach$35.03 billion by 2027, from $20.34 billion in 2020.

Why is the Demand for Interactive Devices continuously rising?

Due to the ever-growing and evolving advancements in technology, Companies, and Educational Institutions have started installing a variety of additional feature-rich products. Development associates in various organizations are integrating such devices into their systems because displays allow you to save big on time. They respond to commands instantly and in addition to minimizing the time it takes to navigate through a process and present results.

Immersive engagement & effective learning:

Even with a group of reticent learners, the bright and clear image quality on the screen will fascinate them towards learning better while also making interactivity possible during training or lectures presented.

Immense Collaboration Opportunities:

It is often a struggle to interact & collaborate with everyone present in a single room or with people attending remotely. This is where a magnificent Interactive Panel can break this barrier amongst people through the multi-touch capabilities, which leads more than one presenter to come up and add annotations, highlight, or move content as they see fit. Quite a few displays also have screen mirroring software, so students learning from home or the employees working remotely can participate exclusively.

How are Interactive Displays empowering different Industry verticals?


Interactive Display for Education - PeopleLink

Replacing a traditional board with an Interactive whiteboard enhances the collaborative spirit between the teachers and the students. Using an interactive whiteboard to teach truly fills the classroom with charm and energy so that the teachers and students are ecstatic and feel the realm different from the typical traditional classroom. In addition, the interactive whiteboard technology provides a magnificent educational platform for teachers and students, so that superior teaching resources can fully exert their due effectiveness in a classroom, making the classroom experience more vivid, lively, and exciting.


Interactive Displays at Enterprise - PeopleLink

Interactive Display is an important innovation for every Enterprise from Healthcare to Retail it serves the requirements of every business. With the touch technology, you can immediately begin developing brand loyalty, record valuable consumer insights, and ultimately motivate buying decisions. In addition, the healthcare sector benefits from the immediate impact on how a patient’s feedback is captured with real-time patient surveys on-location at the point-of-care.

PeopleLink’s superior range of Interactive Displays is redefining smarter collaboration, our versatile 4K UHD Interactive displays offers real-time engagement between the presenter and the audience. Transform the Display into a digital whiteboard, share files with one touch, and use your favourite application with your fingers and the press of a button.

Following are some impeccable Features of our extravagant Interactive Display Series:

  • Premium 4K UHD Display
  • Anti-Glare Coating
  • High Accuracy Multi-Touch Display (supports up to 20 points of touch)
  • Built-in Android System (Compatible with Windows OS)
  • Multiple Connectivity Ports
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • All-in-one Dynamic Collaborative Tool

Interactive Display Series - PeopleLink

Our Interactive Displays are easy to set-up and affordable to implement. To know more about the advantages of installing our Interactive Displays into your system, get in touch with us and fix a direct appointment with our Video Conferencing Specialist, today!

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