PeopleLink’s Triumph At InfoComm’24 USA: Memories to Relish

InfoComm USA is the most extensive exhibition for AV and Integrated Experience Solutions. The exhibitors showcase the latest and groundbreaking innovations that help to transform your businesses. This year, it was hosted at Las Vegas Convention Centre, NV. For the last 10+ consecutive years, PeopleLink has participated in InfoComm. Our team has always shown the same spirit. Of course, the credits go to the attendees who shower us with immense support.

Experiences Shared By The Team

The three-day event had its share of enjoyment, but the best part was the presence of genuine curiosity. Day 1 began with the same hope, and what a wonderful day it was.People from the healthcare, education, broadcast, telecommunications, and broadcast industries were amazed with our solutions. On day 2, we helped the attendees explore the importance of AV and Integrate Experience solutions.

As for the last day, our team was a little sad to end this beautiful event, but that made us cheer up more to give our best. The PeopleLink team were gradually satisfied with the results of the event. Till the last day of the exhibition, the attendees supported us and showed a lot of love. Overall, InfoComm USA 2024 was a success that wouldn’t have been possible without a hard-working team and the attendee’s support.

What did we showcase?

The PeopleLink team simmered down every experience into a beautiful memory during this event. But we withstood the responsibility to offer the best products and services, too.  We offered a plethora of solutions which included:

  • Hybrid EdTech Classroom Solutions
  • 100 million+ Video TeleHealth Consultations delivered & counting
  • Custom-designed Products & Solutions
  • VideoAPI Integration into existing business applications
  • AI-based webcams and PTZ cameras
  • Solutions for every Room & Budget
  • Wired & Wireless Audio Conferencing
  • Room-based control systems

Specializing in Hybrid Classroom Solutions

PeopleLink classroom solutions have been the epitome of the future approach towards the best in the education sector. We offer highly immersive classroom solutions with 3 to 100 immersive telepresence displays. In our plethora of products, we have high-quality Android-based 4K displays, all-in-one digital podiums, AI-enabled tracking cameras, ceiling microphones with integrated DSP, and many other products. On the part of the software solutions, we provide inbuilt video conferencing and learning management solutions. Our virtual classroom solutions help to set up an in-person-like experience, even for every person present, physically or not. The solutions meet the entire needs of an educator and the learner through the presence of AI-based technology.

Here is a list of a few Products we offer for virtual or hybrid classrooms:
1. Interactive Displays
2. E-podiums or Digital Podiums
3. Document Visualizers
4. Teacher-Student Tracking Cameras
5. Audio Digital Signal Processor
6. Ceiling Microphones


PeopleLink Diverse Room Solutions

PeopleLink has the entire solution for several types of rooms. We offer 10+ software and 60+ hardware for organizations and individuals looking for video collaboration solutions. Our path is embellished with more than 15 years of expertise in the video conferencing domain. Over the year, we have served in 35+ countries and garnered an optimum number of 20,000+ customers. Focusing on our room solutions, we have the best products for home offices, huddle rooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms. ​

Here is a list of a few Products we offer based on the Room:

  • Home Offices: i8 Plus Webcam, Fusion 16 Webcam, Sonic OE10W, Interactive Display with OPS
  • Huddle Rooms: Eagle 4K Webcam, AIO Speakerbar, Room Appliance with Touch Controller, PeopleLink UVC 35B
  • Meeting Rooms: 4K AF Camera Soundbar Plus, Elite XL Series 12x, Speaker Track Standard, PeopleLink Quad Speakerphone 6
  • Conference Rooms: Elite XL Series 20x Camera, Speaker Track Pro Camera, PeopleLink Pro Audio DSP (12 Channel)

A Happy Ending

As we initially said, “All’s Well That End’s Well”. Our team had a great time among the professionals who attended the InfoComm event. We were thrilled that many people invested their time and thoughts in our innovative solutions. We would like to take this chance to thank everyone for their endless support once again. We truly appreciate your presence and look forward to meeting everyone next year, too!  

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