Personalizing Technology through Video Shopping

The Concept of Video Shopping

Video Shopping has become the latest trend in marketing and selling products.  It provides the customer the flexibility of shopping for a product of their choice within the comforts of their homes. With today’s fast paced lives and little time for checking out latest products in the market, Video Shopping provides a convenient way for people to not only see what they want but also bargain the price and purchase it without having to go to the retail store.

Technically speaking, Video Shopping is a Virtual Store Software through which the sales representatives showcase and explain their latest products to a remote customer live.

The superior quality video images with inbuilt payment gateways give real time shopping experience to the customer on a virtual platform.  The hassle of driving to a mall and endless walking to look for what you want has become a thing of the past.

How Video Shopping Outclasses the Traditional Way of Shopping Experience?

Not so long ago, if you wanted to purchase a set of pearl necklace for your spouse you had to visit one jewelry store after the other to look for the perfect set in the price range that you wanted.  Video Shopping has eliminated these challenges.  A simple video conference with images up to 4k gives you a feel as if you were right in the store.

There are dedicated customer service representatives which are always ready to answer any queries.  Video Shopping also has the provision of interconnectivity between branches of the store.  If a product that you are looking for is not available at a particular branch then the sales representative will connect to another branch of the store while in conference where it is available so there is no time lost in traveling from one branch of the store to the other.

Once you select a product at the desired price then the inbuilt payment gateways allows you to make instant payment.  The mode of payment is completely secured.  While in conference, any email IDs or phone numbers can be exchanged between you and the sales representatives through the inbuilt chat feature.  All of this can be done by just filling out a simple registration form and the time slot of your choice and you will be connected.

PeopleLink Unified Communications has integrated video shopping software for GRT jewelers in their website.  This transformed the entire workflow for them.  People just had to sign in a simple form and were able to connect to the sales representative through video calling to shop for their favorite jewelry.  It not only boosted sales for GRT but also was extremely cost effective for them.

Better Return of Investment with Video Shopping

Physically setting up a new retail outlet at a location where footfalls are high and the chances of increasing sales requires a lot of research, manpower, plenty of time, and it comes at a cost.  Video Shopping acts like a virtually set up showroom where you can showcase your product.

It also provides added security for expensive items as the customer can only see an image of it.  Implementation of video shopping software is extremely cost effective and needs much less manpower which leads to better Return of Investment.

Competitive Advantage

Video Shopping also gives sellers a clear advantage over their competitors.  While physically retail outlets will have limited reach to within the locality or city, video calling allows anyone from across the globe to shop and buy your product.  It not only boosts business but also expands your base as an international organization even with limited resources.


It is quite clear from the above that Video Shopping has become a game changer in the field of marketing and sales.  It paves way for greater brand recall and better customer satisfaction.  It is also an extremely cost effective way with minimal system requirements and less staff as compared to what has been the practice all these years.

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