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12th Sep’19: PeopleLink, the leading AV Solution provider, is one of the most popular Indian brands in the world for audio and video conferencing solutions. Our Solutions support video communication across various end-points, networks of varying bandwidth and geographically spread locations to deliver best-in-class video conferencing at affordable pricing. PeopleLink Solutions are available on the cloud, on-premise and even as a hybrid solution.

PeopleLink wanted a one-of-a-kind launch targeting our partners and clients across the globe online. PeopleLink strongly believes in the Swadeshi movement and “Make in India” drive. We chose, the auspicious day of Ganapati Visarjan, and started the event in a traditional Indian way with lightning of the Diya, the divine fire and the sound of Shankh Naad to invoke blessings of the almighty.

Creative execution

The main idea of the launch, held at multiple locations and showcase centers was to present the power and simplicity of our technology, which enabled more than 1800+ of our clients and partners to be logged in from across the globe via Live Web Casting. The event went on for approximately 2 hours, and we had more than 1800+ visitors on our website that day.

1. Smart Classroom and Remote Training Set Up

PeopleLink displayed a Live set up of a multilocation smart classroom environment, where the Teacher is present at a central location and students are logged in from multiple diverse locations. The following Smart Classroom equipment was displayed in Live Action.

Auto Tracking Camera for Teacher lecturing (PTZ)

The Auto Tracking camera for teacher tracking and student tracking, allows a hands-free environment for the speaker and students as well. It creates an engaging video for sharing and recording during lectures, video conferences, speeches, and demonstrations.

Speaker Track STD-1
FHD 2000LT USB-1

Auto Tracking Camera for Students (PTZ)

The Auto tracking camera for students, automatically brings the focus to the students who speak to ask a question. This creates a real life-like scenario for all integrated classrooms over the video conferencing.

Bird-eye View Camera

This camera is installed on the ceiling of the classroom, to get a clear view of students and teachers in the same class.

Elite FHD Cam front
All In One DSP

Digital Signal Processor, Audio DSP

for enhanced Audio quality at a central location as well as a remote location. PeopleLink’s industry-leading experience audio and video conferencing combined with specially designed DSP Audio (digital signal processors) offers the ultimate audio experience for conferences which are connected from different locations. Our Audio DSP fine-tunes and optimizes audio signals for precise top-of-the-line audio performance

Interactive Display

Make your Presentations come alive with our interactive Displays.

Interactive Display T65

Interactive Digital White Board

With PeopleLink IWB, you can make any surface interactive.

Ceiling Microphones for clutter-free setup

E Podium or Digital Podium, with 21-inch touch screen, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for local and remote audio processing, Multimedia and Video Conferencing Codec, Control and Automation System to set lights, audio, display and more from the touch panel of the Podium itself.


InstaVC – 4k WebRTC Video Conferencing

InstaVC – 4k WebRTC Video Conferencing, which is browser-based and needs no downloads. It is extremely easy to use and secure web-based video conferencing that works on https protocol. InstaVC helps teams of all sizes connect from any location and any device with its BYOD support. It also supports connecting with traditional hardware video conferencing equipment. With inbuilt tools for collaboration including whiteboard, screen sharing, co-browsing, document and application sharing to make teams more productive. Visit for more details.

Huddle Room Camera with Auto Frame and Auto Track

Feature for 4k Video Conferencing that automatically adjusts to Capture All Participants in the Meeting, using Facial Tracking & Motion Tracking. The Huddle Room ePTZ camera gives Ultra crystal clear video quality of 4k @ 30fps. Other highlights include

  • Auto Pan Tilt Zoom – ePTZ
  • 8X Digital Zoom
  • 120-degree wide-angle view
  • Inbuilt Dual HD microphone & Tripod attachment
  • 2D & 3D Digital Noise Reduction
  • Easy Plug & Play setup
  • Backlight compensation
  • Compatible with all Video Conference software

GoLive – Digital Business Ecosystem built on Interdependence of all Key Parties.

GoLive is a socio-technical network of individuals, organizations, and technologies that collectively co-create value. It gets Employees, Vendors, Partners, and Clients of an organization onto a single Mobile App and desktop-based solution.

Conference Room Set up, with Room Automation & Control

Conference Room Set up, with Room Automation & Control using the Insta Controller App and Touch Panel control set up. Also included in this set up was Auto Speaker Tracking Camera and ceiling microphone for clutter-free wiring space.
See the conference room set up video here.


PeopleLink Full Video of the Live Webcast

PeopleLink is determined to connect everyone, everywhere – always at the highest quality and the most affordable price. Our team has been consistently working on developing these solutions, including GoLive and InstaVC for more than 5 years. These solutions were shared with few of our Partners and clients, for review and Feedback. With constant inputs from the industry and analyzing use case scenarios, we have successfully been able to bring these innovative and advance technology platforms to you.

We would also like to take this as an opportunity on behalf of the entire PeopleLink team to thank our most valued partners, all those who have been associated with us for several years, as well as those who have recently joined us. We take the user and market feedback very seriously, we listen, improve and innovate, and that has enabled us to bring the best of products to you. We thank everyone who took their time out and joined us in this Live Webcast.

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