Video Conferencing Solution For Healthcare Sector By PeopleLink


Video Conferencing is now rapidly becoming the preferred choice of communication and collaboration in the Healthcare Sector not only in India but also the globe.  The ease with which physicians can collaborate with each other and take care of patients through video conferencing, which was otherwise extremely cost prohibitive previously, has led to a substantial increase in the use of this technology in the Healthcare Sector.

Interconnectivity between hospital chains has improved communication between two branches for better management of the hospital chain.  Some of the advantages of Video Conferencing in Healthcare Sector are:


This is the biggest advantage that Video Conferencing has in the Healthcare Sector.  Traveling from one hospital to another in diverse locations takes a lot of time and money. This problem is addressed by Video Conferencing where physicians can collaborate within branches through this platform.  This saves the travel time and cost for the physician and the hospital.  Through video conferencing the physicians can interact with peers, patients, and monitor their progress and even issue prescriptions if required through video conference.


Video Conferencing allows the physicians to check and diagnose patients even from remote areas or patients who cannot travel from their homes to the hospital.  This allows the physicians to have time to see more patients and care for them.


There are many complicated cases where a second opinion is required for effective treatment of the patient.  In such instances, contacting expert physicians within a short period of time is extremely difficult as normally such experts are really busy.

Video Conferencing makes it easy for physicians to consult with experts pertaining to a specific case for additional inputs that may be beneficial for the patient without the expert having to physically come to the hospital.  This saves a lot of precious time for the patient to get treated.


PeopleLink has come up with just the right solution for the Healthcare Sector named Pulse.  This video conferencing solution provides interconnectivity between doctors and patients, allows the patient to book appointments even from remote areas, and post-consultation to give the patient quality healthcare.

Pulse Video Conferencing software identifies three areas of consultation which pose a challenge for patients and addresses these issues.  These here areas are onsite consultation, post-consultation support, and telemedicine.

For an onsite consultation, Pulse allows the patient to fill out the intake forms, share any medical or radiological data with the physician, and even pay the consultation fees through the payment gateways of the Pulse software.  This saves a lot of time for the physician to go through the medical records and can spend the same time with the patient to allay any fear or anxiety in them.

Post-Consultation Support is yet another area which poses a challenge for physicians which has been addressed by Pulse software.  When a patient is due for a follow-up visit or has to visit the physician on a regular basis for routine monitoring of the condition, Pulse allows them to do so online without having to be physically present at the hospital.

The automatic scheduler of the software schedules appointments for the patient as per the discretion of the reviewing physician, sets up a video call, and prompts the patient at the scheduled time of the call for a review by the physician.  The health record and prescriptions of the patient also gets automatically updated by the Pulse software at the discretion of the reviewing physician.

Telemedicine is an area which poses a tough challenge for hospitals as it connects hospitals and physicians to people living in remote areas of the country who either are not in a condition to travel or do not have a mode of transportation to travel to the hospital.

The Pulse software by PeopleLink has features that allow the patients to fill out intake forms online, upload any medical records or radiographic data, or any consultations by other specialists for better understanding of their condition by the physician.  The patient can then be seen through Video Conference for a probable diagnosis and treatment plan.

Additionally, Pulse is quite effective when an expert opinion is required during a complex surgical procedure.  Immediate video conferencing can be conducted during the procedure through multiple cameras so that the expert can see all the aspects of the procedure clearly and render his opinion for a successful outcome of the procedure.

In conclusion, Pulse is a software solution powered by PeopleLink designed to help hospitals connect to patients stationed at diverse and remote locations to provide quality healthcare for all those who need it.  Pulse also allows interconnectivity between different branches of a hospital for second and expert opinions and patient transfers.

Software like Pulse has changed the overall scenario in the Healthcare Sector where now everyone can be given quality treatment irrespective of their diverse locations and financial constraints.


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