Video Enabling The Hospitality Industry For Greater Customer Loyalty

Video Enabled Business Process (VEBP) is a way of integrating video in all core business processes for enabling rich interaction and elevated engagement among users.

Competition is getting tougher every day. Business lines are trying to hit the bull’s eyes – Customer Satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the key to achieve growth in the competitive business environment.This is all the more important for the companies in the hospitality industry having footholds rested upon the ‘happy customer’ experience.

Customers are changing and so are their demands. Businesses need a complete digitization of their work process to provide tailored service to each customer at a lightning speed. As the hospitality industry matures with the millennial spending power, it won’t be considered extravagant to invest in digitally transformed and video enabled work processes to address the customer’s demand with timely supply. PeopleLink is empowering the hospitality sector, with Video Enabled Business Processes (VEBP) to digitize the organizational collaboration for higher productivity and better customer experience.

Utilization of VEBP in the hospitality sector

Improved Organizational Communication

Not all businesses have a single-location unit and not all staff members are available under one-roof. Most establishments in the hospitality domain have a multinational and even inter-continental presence. Phones and emails cannot always address global communication needs. Smart workplace communication technologies can not only connect dispersed staffs, conduct remote program monitoring, be a medium for in-house staff meetings but also be instrumental for enhanced customer experience based on service efficiency. Live streaming of inauguration events, award ceremonies is also an added benefit of video enabled enterprise -level collaboration.

Upgraded Customer Service

Customers are the biggest deciding factors who can make a business thrive. The word-of-mouth propaganda is more effective than any other form of advertisement. Unsatisfied customers are often more vocal and can adversely affect the revenue. PeopleLinks’ video enabled customer care solutions connects customers directly with the industry experts to ensure all their queries and complaints are satisfactorily met.

High esteemed celebrity and VIP guest generally like to be catered exclusively. The video enabled customer care solution can also utilized to provide a virtual care executive who will be exclusively catering to the needs of the celebrity guests. The guests can directly contact the executive from their tabs, mobiles or laptops to have their requirements met within minimum possible time.

Effortless Internal Training

The importance of internal training in the hospitality sector cannot be overstated. The chief function of the workers in this sector is to serve people and aim guest satisfaction. Without proper training the employee-customer interaction may get off the track and affect the bottom line. For example, there might be a sudden raise in the customer complain about the quality of the food served or the managment wants to introduce a new cuisine range. This stimulates the need for enrolling the chefs into a special culinary class. A video enabled learning management system (VLMS) can help the employees join the virtual training sessions from anywhere, without spending any extra hours at work. Even the remote teams can join the training sessions without shifting bases.

Compelling Advertisement Solution

Advertising is imperative for generating brand awareness, increase consideration, propagate offers, drive traffic leading to sales, induce customer loyalty,retention and get liked. PeopleLink Digital Signage Solution can have all corners wrapped up for the hospitality sector clients. The Digital Signage Solution (DigiVC) is a comprehensive tool to cover-up all advertising needs for the hospitality industry. Apart from brand marketing, it can be utilized for exhibiting offering, discounts and offers. The content of the signage can be customized and scheduled to be played as per requirement. The DigiVC can be additionally utilized for video conferencing and as a video shopping portals for hotel and travel package bookings.

PeopleLink VEBP Benefits At A Glance

  • Real-time face-to-face two ways communication
  • HD quality video irrespective of bandwidth constraints
  • Easy-integration with the user’s existing technological infrastructure.
  • Reasonably priced, license based solutions, tailored to fit the client’s requirement
  • Wide network of partners/tech-support for uninterrupted service

VEBP has started transforming the hospitality sector for the better. The video integration with the regular workflow is redefining the operations. From the reception lounge to the back -office, from the kitchen to the corporate boardrooms, VEBP technology is modifying the entire business process to achieve a competitive advantage at all level.

About PeopleLink

PeopleLink, pioneers in the field of modern video conferencing, was founded in 2007 with the aim to unleash the power of virtual collaboration. We help organizations worldwide confront distance with innovative video communication solutions and achieve higher productivity, better customer service, reduced operational expenses and greater ROI.

After emerging as India’s first ISO 9001-2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified Video Conference Company, we have already made our presence felt among 33 countries across the globe. PeopleLink, along with our global partner ecosystem, are focused towards inculcating state-of-art technologies and help industries in different business verticals foresee and utilize futuristic digital opportunities and stay ahead of competition.

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