What are the video conferencing perks for the retail sector?

Video Conferencing has been proven to bring in massive operational advantages for companies throughout all business verticals. Companies in the retail sector have been found to enjoy exponential growth by deploying video conferencing solutions to fulfill their business requirements. By incorporating video conferencing in their business operations and processes, the retail market has been able to bring in a lot of flexibility in their marketing and sales strategies. These companies have got a very powerful tool to grow, maintain their growth and also have a competitive advantage over others in the same domain.

Here are some apparent advantages of video conferencing solutions for the retail verticals

Effective supply chain management

The most important factor in the retail environment is the supply chain that involves the supplier, manufacturers, warehouse managers, logistics and retailers. A proper marketing and sale is only possible if the entire supply chain works in complete accordance. Video conferencing solution for retail helps in achieving a complete virtual collaboration among all the stakeholders of the supply chain. Effective discussion and timely action can sort out issues like production and shipping delays, promoting improved management of the supply chain along with saving the traveling expense.

Faster decision making and low traveling expense

The success of a retail group is stationed on the contribution of a myriad of people. Timely and effective collaboration are required to ensure informed decision making and rapid action. Large retail chains have their presence across diverse location and every physical meet implicates a lot money as traveling expenses. In spite of being pre-arranged and pre-declared, 100% presence from all stakeholders aren’t guaranteed at these meetings. Many of them, who are traveling from far-flung places, often miss-out due to various reasons. This delay important business decisions, also wasting a lot of money. Video conferencing solutions for retail sector can efficiently bridge the communication gap between all the stakeholders by virtually connecting them.

Remote employee training and induction programs

Video conferencing solutions can prove to be very effective internal training tools. Companies in the retail sector have a genuine need for internal training. The employees need to be trained on a regular basis to get accustomed to the company’s policies and protocols. The newly appointed candidate also requires a proper induction program to get introduced to the company’s work culture, employee duties and benefits. A customized video conferencing solution can be the answer to all training requirements. PeopleLink’s innovative Video Enabled Learning Management Systems provides the best solution for internal training and self-paced learning programs for retail sectors.

Widens the recruitment options

Video Conferencing can serve as the greatest staffing solution that can streamline the recruitment process through virtual interviews, employee testing and screening. This form of virtual interviews doesn’t only nullify the chances of miscommunication, but also equips the HR Managers and recruiter ignore the locational barrier and look for a better candidate beyond the local options.

Improved Customer Care

All successful retail chains have a long list of loyal customers. Every business aims for 100% customer satisfaction, retail wants it even more. 24×7 customer help desk, that allows the customer to virtually connect with relevant person/industry experts and get his/her queries resolved helps the business appear more customer-friendly and trustworthy, thus adding on to the list of happy customers.

Ensures concurrency among various retail locations

Video Conferencing solution for retail can help senior staffs, managers, store owners, collaborate over events like product launch, retail display, promotional needs, low inventory and product unavailability issues remotely, ensuring a proper parity prevailing throughout.

Reduced logistic cost

Video Conferencing solutions can bring in a massive reduction in the logistic cost by promoting video shopping. Real-time showcasing of exclusive and upscale items along with demonstrations of their usage without the need of having them in every outlet can be achieved through video conferencing. This saves the logistic expenditure involved in transporting exclusive items to all retail outlets.

Better customer engagement and retention

Apart from offering an excessively beneficial customer care help-desk, video conferencing solution for retail sectors can also add up new customers and ensure their retention. Customers can virtually connect with the industry experts, anytime and from any device. Before investing their money on a product, the buyer is already convinced about its utility and effectiveness.

Comprehensive customer analyzing tool

Video conferencing solutions designed for the retail sector can help in analyzing consumer behavioral data. The face-to-face interaction over the virtual platform between the buyer and seller, reveals the customer’s mindset. This allows to estimate the factors that drive purchases and identify required amendments to lift sales. A comprehensive data, based on region-wise demand and buyer’s expectation allows business in retail sector initiate profile based marketing. For eg. Placing the right item, at the right time to stimulation the purchase decision in customers.

Companies today have moved far beyond authentic video conferencing. Most of them are in search for a single solution providing overall business benefits. PeopleLink has thus decided to customize their video conferencing solutions for providing overall operational benefits to the retail sector. Compelling VLMS, Digital Signage, Video Enabled Call Centers solutions are providing panoptic solutions for all retail sector requirements.

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