How Are Digital Classrooms Transforming The Way We Learn?

Education and the learning system globally are continuously evolving and developing gradually. “Reformation is another word for transformation. It stands for development. So is the case of education internationally. Slowly and steadily, it is reforming, precisely. The education and the teaching system have seen rapid changes in the last few years. The emergence of streamlined learning, online classes, and experiential teaching has changed how students communicate with the educational content.

Digitally equipped classrooms are those that are empowered by advanced technology. Here, ultra-modern teaching patterns replace the traditional concept of learning directly from the black/whiteboard. Instead, digital classrooms magnify the horizon of learning extensively using audio and visual elements.

Now that the covid-outbreak is decelerating and the students are transitioning back towards classroom learning, more and more schools and universities are digitally transforming themselves. It empowers students with the opportunity to attend a lecture in-person or virtually, whichever is more convenient for them. Moreover, Digital learning enables the students to choose how they prefer to attend the classes or the lectures. Hence, the benefits of interactive digital classroom solutions for impeccable digital education have been massive.

Reasons why parents prefer enrolling their children in schools equipped with Digital Classrooms?

Flexible Learning

Digital classrooms are digitally enhanced classrooms that ensure that students have the scope to learn new things every day from different media platforms. Since each student has a different learning pattern, these technology-advanced classrooms allow teachers to experiment and see which one works the best for each child.

Scope of Lesson Repetition

Digital classrooms provide an opportunity for repetitive learning methods for the students who need a little more time to grasp, creating an easy to learn and equitable environment for all. Educational modules in the form of recorded sessions are used to help students who need time to understand a particular topic. The recordings are demonstrated and explained time and again till each and every student of the class understands the topic in its entirety.

Saves Big On Time

For students, most of the time gets utilized in making notes in the classroom instead of understanding the lesson entirely. But today, with the help of digital classes, notes are shared through a presentation from the teachers. Thus, minimizing the time taken to prepare notes and journals

Enhances Skills & Knowledge

A classroom that is entirely equipped and visually attractive makes students think and act logically. With the help of images and videos that teachers use during lectures indulges students’ in developing skills in their favorable field. This also exposes students to critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They are able to evaluate the situations and circumstances around them and differentiate between the wrong ones.

Global Digital Classroom & Ed-tech Market Size –

According to Fortune Business Insights research analysis, the global Smart classroom and Ed-tech market is predicted to grow from 101.64 billion USD in 2022 to 319.65 billion USD by 2029, at a CAGR of 17.8%. An increase in demand for high-tech interactive learning systems is the major factor for growth; this clearly states that the digital classroom market has immense opportunity for growth and, if adopted efficiently, can change the dynamics of classroom learning and the digital education system altogether.

PeopleLink’s Digital Classroom Solutions enhance your basic traditional classrooms with modern and cutting-edge technology while digitally transforming the classroom environment for the students and the teachers to interact seamlessly.

Our Classroom Solutions comprise of –

Student & Teacher Tracking Cameras – PeopleLink’s student/teacher tracking camera is a smart PTZ camera that auto-tracks and captures the audience in digital classrooms, auditoriums, or conference rooms.

Digital Podiums – The modern version of the classic podiums with an inbuilt touch screen monitor and laptop interface, our Podium’s laptop interface is just like any usual laptop, enabling you to connect to the internet with video, audio, USB ports, and more.

Interactive Devices – The prime aim of any digital classroom is to enlighten the students with intuitive sessions having more scope for effective interactions. Peoplelink’s Interactive Displays work hand in hand to empower you with the best digital classroom experience for both in-classroom and remote students.

All these superior & technology-advanced solutions by PeopleLink serve a great purpose in providing an impeccable classroom environment helping the students physically present in the classroom and those who have connected from their homes. In addition, PeopleLink’s digital classroom solutions significantly support the technology-embraced educational systems.

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