PeopleLink iCam FHD-Lecture Tracking is a dedicated intelligent tracking camera, with cutting-edge technology in the field of education informatization. iCam FHD-Lecture Tracking is built-in with lecturer tracking and student detection algorithm which are convenient and reliable. It has advanced image processing and analysis algorithms to Easily switch between lecturer tracking image / panoramic image, student positing image / panoramic image which is in line with the requirements of lecturer capture and remote interactive teaching. iCam FHD-Lecturer Tracking Camera supports RTMP protocol for easy webcasting and Both teacher and student cameras provide USB3.0, HD-SDI, IP, and DVI outputs.

    iCam FHD Teacher/Student Tracking

    Automatic Lecturer Detection is now Streamlined

    • Full HD 1080P @ 60fps
    • 59.5° Field Of View
    • 20X Optical Zoom, 12X Digital Zoom
    • USB3.0/SDI/DVI Connectors
    • H.264/H265/MJPEG Video Compression
    • Support Four Video Streams
    • Auto Teacher Tracking
    • Auto Student Tracking

    This smart Teacher tracking and board writing detection system has a USB HD lecturer tracking camera (USB 3.0, DVI, SDI supported) and an IP board writing detecting sensor. The configuration and installation of the system have always been challenging and effective. The unique performance of the system is that the sensor detects writing actions on the board. It triggers the lecturer tracking camera to automatically move to the pre-defined board position and start tracking the lecturer there. If undetected, the lecturer tracking camera can keep tracking the lecturer to return to a pre-defined work and start tracking there.

    Zoom in to Brilliance

    With PeopleLink iCam FHD-LT20X! Revel in 1080P high-resolution visuals, 20x optical zoom, and 12x digital zoom, and with a 59.5° horizontal filed of view, capture every angle with cinematic flair. It’s not just a camera; it’s your window to an immersive educational journey.

    peoplelink teacher/student tracking camera

    Non-stop Detect and Precisely Track

    Spotlight on Brilliance! This teacher track camera constantly detects the presenter in the classroom, then automatically pan-tilts and zooms to the appropriate positions to frame the presenter; once the number of attendees (s) changes, the camera will adjust the framing positions accordingly.

    Powerful Vision, Effortless Management

    This Tracking camera has dual lenses and one mission—total tracking domination! The small HD wide-angle lens detects attendees with an 86° horizontal FOV, while the big tracking camera frames positions based on the attendee count. Forget complexities; the Tracker itself does everything, and this all-in-one solution is your VIP pass to effortless installation and management.

    peoplelink teacher/student tracking camera

    Various Interfaces and Good Compatibility

    Connectivity Unleashed! This camera boasts 3G-SDI, DVI-D, RS232/RS485 interfaces, and Ethernet/USB2.0 connections. It’s the ultimate compatibility maestro, syncing seamlessly with your video conferencing systems—whether software or hardware.

    Two Senses, One Vision

    The icam FHD-LT 20x’s dual-sensor system flawlessly switches between tracking a lecturer and framing a scene. Ideal for conferences or dynamic classroom interactions, it’s the solution to capture every moment with finesse.

    peoplelink teacher/student tracking camera
    peoplelink teacher/student tracking camera

    Fast-Track Connectivity

    The lecturer tracking camera has USB 3.0 and diverse video interfaces. It’s the speedster of the tech world, ensuring compatibility with various recording solutions.

    Precise Lock and Track Capability

    Lock and Load! Powered by face and motion detection, this tracking system ensures smooth and precise lock & track performance, even in the most dynamic scenarios.

    peoplelink teacher/student tracking camera

    Smart Tracking Performance

    Intelligence in Motion! Tilt motion and auto-zoom functions ensure the system smartly tracks the lecturer. It gracefully returns to the pre-defined position, if lost, ready to dazzle with its tracking prowess.

    Board Writing Triggers Tracking

    The board writing detection camera cues the lecturer tracking camera to dance to the pre-defined board position upon detecting writing actions. It’s a dynamic duo, ensuring your visuals sync seamlessly with your lessons.

    Teacher Tracking Features

    • Even if the target is stationary for a long time, it can always lock the tracking target without being disturbed by other moving targets or the contents of the projector.
    • Self-adaptive teacher height always keeping the proper height of the teacher’s heads in the video.
    • The tracking is stable and the lecturer does not move slightly hand movements, and interference with the target will not cause the camera shake.
    • The tracking range can cover all rooms, no longer limited to the podium and automatically scales according to the distance of the target that always maintaining the appropriate size.

    Student Tracking Features

    • Built-in human behavior recognition image algorithm to depend on students standing and sitting.
    • The positioning effects are not limited by the room size, shape, and stepped room which has good adaptability to different heights.
    • The size of the tracking camera lens has an automatic zoom function according to the distance of the target.
    • The color and brightness of tracking and panoramic images are consistent.
    • Intelligently identify single or multiple people’s standing and sitting movements, and give tracking positioning shots of single or multiple people, which can identify the actions of leaving and leaving after standing.
    • Flexible installation position, not limited to the center of the front of the room.


    peoplelink teacher/student tracking camera


    Image Sensor:Sensor: 1/2.8" Exmor CMOS, 2.14MP
    Image Resolution:FHD 1080p@60fps
    Optical Zoom:20x Optical Zoom
    Digital Zoom:12x Digital Zoom
    Field of View:59.5° Field Of View
    Focal Length:Focal Length: f=4.7mm~94mm
    Fous:Focus: Auto, Manual, PTZ Trigger,
    Digital Noise Reduction:2D & 3D digital noise reduction
    White Balance: White Balance: Auto, Indoor, Outdoor, One Push, Manual, Auto Tracking
    PAN:Pan: 170°~+170°
    Tilt:Tilt: 30°~+90°
    Video Outputs:Ports: USB3.0, HD-SDI , IP and DVI
    Control Interface:RS-485, RS-232, USB3.0
    Control Protocol:PELCO-D, VISCA, UVC
    Video Compression:H.265/ H.264/MJPEG
    Storage:Local Storage : TF Card
    Dual Stream:Dual Stream Support
    Certifications & Approvals:CE, ROHS and FCC
    peoplelink teacher/student tracking camera



    ParameterPeopleLink Teacher/Student 20X CameraSpeaker Track CameraSpeaker Track Pro Camera
    Image peoplelink teacher/student Camera Peoplelink Speaker Track Camera peoplelink speaker track pro camera
    Image SensorSensor: 1/2.8" Exmor CMOS, 2.14MPSensor: PTZ Camera: 1/2.8” 2.13MP CMOSSensor: 1/2.8” 2.14MP CMOS
    Image ResolutionFHD 1080p@60fpsFHD 1080p@60fpsFHD 1080p@60fps
    Optical Zoom20x Optical Zoom12x Optical Zoom12x Optical Zoom ( Dual lens )
    Digital Zoom12x Digital Zoom12x Digital Zoom12x Digital Zoom ( Dual lens )
    Field of View59.5° Field Of View72.5° Field Of View72.5° Field Of View ( Dual lens )
    Focal Lengthf=4.7mm~94mm 3.9mm ~ 46.8mm4.9mm ~ 94mm
    Fous Auto, Manual, PTZ Trigger,Auto, Manual, PTZ Push, One PushAuto, Manual, PTZ Push, One Push
    Illumination 0.5 lux (Color), 0.1lux (B/W) 0.5Lux (Color),0.1Lux (B/W) (F1.6-F2.8, AGC ON)0.5Lux (Color),0.1Lux (B/W)
    Digital Noise Reduction2D﹠3D2D﹠3D2D﹠3D
    White Balance Auto, Indoor, Outdoor, One Push, Manual, Auto Tracking Auto, Indoor, Outdoor, One Push, Manual, Auto Tracking Auto, Indoor, Outdoor, One Push, Manual, Auto Tracking
    PAN170°~+170°90 ~ -90°90 ~ -90°
    Tilt30°~+90°90 ~ -30°90 ~ -30°
    Video OutputsUSB3.0, HD-SDI , IP and DVIHDMI / SDI / Ethernet or USB2.0, Line In/outHDMI / SDI / Ethernet or USB2.0
    Control InterfaceRS-485, RS-232, USB3.0RS-232 / EthernetRS-232 / Ethernet
    Video CompressionH.265/ H.264/MJPEGH.264, H.265, MJPEGH.264, H.265, MJPEG
    StorageLocal Storage : TF Card64 Presets256 Presets
    Dual StreamDual Stream SupportDual Stream: Support 1 Tracking, 1 Full-ViewDual Stream Support
    Certifications & ApprovalsCE, ROHS and FCCCE, ROHS and FCCCE, ROHS and FCC

    Disclaimer : Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification, Images shown here are for representational purpose only, actual may vary.


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