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V-Mulakat facilitates relatives of prisoners to have live audio-video chat with jail inmates while sitting in a chat room at a distantly located Common Service Center (CSC). The V-Mulakat program uses the video-conferencing facilities that have already been installed in state prisons for virtual deposition. Families of inmates no longer have to travel all the way to a prison to meet their relatives.

Not only restricted to the prisoners and family, this is a web based application that can also be used for other public grievance services like a citizen requesting an appointment with Minister/ Government Officers.

How It Works

  • Applications received from the family members for V-Mulakat at the Police station are sent to PHQ. Then the PHQ consults with the prison department and arranges a time slot for family members. They then pass on that information to local Police Stations and to family members of the inmate.
  • Family members need to go to Common Service Centers (CSCs) and apply for time slots for the audio-video chat with a particular inmate that enables them to meet the inmate at the allotted time without waiting outside the prison.
  • Enables the authorities to maintain order and manage the crowd on the premises. Reduces security threat for prisons.


  • Inmate video visitation allows the police department to no longer move the inmates, take care of long queues of visitors, and manually manage visitation schedules.
  • One can increase the focus on the safety and security of inmates, officers, and general public.
  • Video Visitation enables the police department to not only monitor visits but also record visits if required. This not only creates new investigative opportunities but also has significant impact on reducing violence within jail premises.

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