PeopleLink Look At Me is a camera for conference and classrooms. The camera can be paired with control buttons, which make the camera switch and focus on the person who is currently speaking. Available in both wired and wireless models, this is easy to install and operate with intuitive controls.

    Key Features:

    Camera Preset Support: Camera Preset Support: Up to 60 Presets (Wired) & Up to 20 Presets (Wireless)

    Collaboration: Drive faster ROI with enhanced and elevated collaboration experience

    Display: LCD Display

    Energy efficient: Consumes less than 2W (Energy efficient)

    Flexibility: Easy to switch camera view with highly intuitive controls

    Visibility: Focus on the active speaker for enhancing conferencing experience

    Applications Of Look At Me

    • Area of Application – Conference room and Classrooms/Training room


    Technical Information

    Communication Interface:RS-485/RS-232
    Control Protocol:Pelco-D, Pelco-P
    Working Principal:RF 2.4 GHZ
    Baud Rate:“2400bps,4800bps,9600bps,”
    Camera Preset Support:Upto 60 Presets (Wired) & Upto 20 Presets (Wireless)


    Power:DC 12V
    Power Consumption:< 2w
    Working Temperature:0⁰ C ~ 40⁰ C
    Storage Temperature:– 20⁰ C ~ + 50⁰ C
    Relative Humidity:≤90% (non-condensation)

    Dimentions and Weight

    Dimentions:200mm (L) x 120mm (W) x 103mm (H)
    Net Weight:0.5kg


    Room Type:Conference Room and Classrooms/Training Room
    Room Size:Not applicable depending upon room capacity
    Capacity:60 Wired or 20 Wireless
    Shape of the Room:NA
    Level of Management that uses the room:NA

    Ordering Information

    Peoplelink Look At Me:Wired Loot At Me – PCU-LAM,
    Wireless Look At Me – PCU-LAM-WS
    -4 Button – PCU-LAM-WS-4B
    -8 Button – PCU-LAM-WS-8B
    Phone Set Features
    Enhanced Audio Features
    Automatic Echo Cancellation
    Automatic Gain Control
    Noise Reduction EAF
    Full Duplex
    Non Linear Processing
    Automatic Level Control

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