PeopleLink Instacontroller is a control system that integrates with IP devices including them into a larger control network. This system can be integrated with any network, personal or commercial. This device offers secured and reliable connectivity with a wide range of IP devices, like touchscreens, computers, mobile devices, etc whether on-premises or at remote locations. The Instacontroller android app helps in controlling systems on LAN, WAN or Internet from any location across the globe.

    PeopleLink InstaController

    Secured and Reliable Connectivity

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    The PeopleLink InstaController is a high-end network controller that works with IP devices to enhance network connectivity and stability. This flexible arrangement is applicable both personally and in the commercial environment. It offers a secure and dependable connection. Instacontroller can control the automation process regardless of whether touchscreens, computers, or mobile devices are used. Users can easily enjoy system control from LAN, WAN, or the Internet through the innovative Android app. From on-site to remote locations, Instacontroller gives users the power to control all their IP devices with a unified and efficient control solution for various devices, offering a centralized experience.

    Suitable for Every Space

    PeopleLink Instacontroller is perfect in many professional settings, including boardrooms, conference rooms, and training rooms. The system’s secured and reliable connectivity guarantees seamless operations during important meetings, presentations, and training.

    peoplelink instacontroller
    peoplelink instacontroller

    Diverse Device Compatibility

    The IP system provides a smooth way of controlling and managing diverse equipment, such as cameras, speakers, Lights, AC, Displays etc. It has become a versatile, intelligent solution that boosts collaboration and productivity.

    Safety Management

    The security environment is provided through comprehensive user management, which is implemented by the Instacontroller feature that gives access control. This feature gives users fine-tuned permission control, thus preventing the leakage of confidential data. IPsec authentication secures the integration of IP devices and provides the necessary control functions to authorized individuals only. The Instacontroller makes security a primary goal through a dynamic user management system, preventing unauthorized access.

    peoplelink instacontroller

    Easily Mountable System

    Instacontroller is a compact device with a design that allows it to fit into a standard/regular rack space. This 1U Space Rack mounting feature increases its convenience, making it friendly for workplaces that are intent on using space as fundamentally as they can.

    Collaborative Device Indicators

    The system makes it easy to monitor performance and efficiency. A solitary red LED on the front panel acts as a power indicator when an available power source is connected to the adaptor. An LED within the front panel switches to red after the power is switched on and switches to green when the controller is ready. The light-emitter-diodes on the front panel are used to confirm the status of the Relay Switch. Besides LEDs on the rear panel, it also offers a green indicator, letting users quickly check out its power, readiness, and network connectivity.

    peoplelink instacontroller

    Integrated Touch Controller

    It has a 7″inch touchscreen controller, which helps control external devices. The screen is connected to every other device available in the room. The Instacontroller brings all the devices, whether the projectors, cameras, or lights, under your control within a single click.

    Intuitive User Interface

    The device runs on the Android platform to provide more accessible interactions to users. Its automation compliance architecture makes it even more adaptable while remaining compatible with other automated processes. It ensures users have pleasant and gentle handling. They can use the product simply and at the desired automation level.

    Our Customized Application

    PeopleLink offers customized applications that are compatible with your Instacontroller. This gives you the flexibility of tailoring an application according to your requirements.


    peoplelink instacontroller
    peoplelink instacontroller
    peoplelink instacontroller
    peoplelink instacontroller
    peoplelink instacontroller


    Control System:Central Control System
    Protocol:REST Protocol
    Interface:Relay, Analog, Serial, IR & Serial, LAN, TMP-R
    Serial Output:3 Nos Bi-directional RS-232 Ports
    IR & Serial Output:4 Nos Hybrid RS-232/IR Ports
    LAN:1 Nos RJ-45 Port
    Relay Switch Output:10 Nos High Voltage Relay Controls
    Control Pad:Yes
    Control Pad Type:7" Inches Touch Screen
    Resolution:FHD 1920x1080
    Internal Memory:2 GB
    Mounting:1U Rack-mounting
    Chassis Type:Metal
    Application:Board room, Conference room, Seminar halls, Classroom
    peoplelink instacontroller



    ParameterInsta Controller RSI-552Insta Controller ARSI 31074
    Control SystemCentral Control SystemCentral Control System
    Serial PortsTwo-way Device ControlTwo-way Device Control
    AnalogOne-way Device ControlOne-way Device Control
    IR & SerialTwo-way Device ControlTwo-way Device Control
    ProtocolREST ProtocolREST Protocol
    InterfaceRelay, Analog, Serial, IR & Serial, LAN, TMP-RRelay, Analog, Serial, IR & Serial, LAN, TMP-R
    Serial Output3 Nos Bi-directional RS-232 Ports3 Nos Bi-directional RS-232 Ports
    IR & Serial Output2 Nos Hybrid RS-232/IR Ports4 Nos Hybrid RS-232/IR Ports
    LAN1 Nos RJ-45 Port1 Nos RJ-45 Port
    Relay Switch Output5 Nos High Voltage Relay Controls10 Nos High Voltage Relay Controls
    Power IndicatorLED Front PanelLED Front Panel
    Status IndicatorLED Front PanelLED Front Panel
    Relay Switch Indicator5 LED's Front Panel10 LED's Front Panel
    Control PadYesYes
    Control Pad Type7" Inches Touch Screen7" Inches Touch Screen
    ResolutionFHD 1920x1080FHD 1920x1080
    Internal Memory2 GB2 GB
    Mounting1U Rack-mounting1U Rack-mounting
    Chassis TypeMetalMetal
    ApplicationBoard room, Conference room, Seminar halls, ClassroomBoard room, Conference room, Seminar halls, Classroom

    Disclaimer : Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification, Images shown here are for representational purpose only, actual may vary.


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