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    The 4K UHD PeopleLink Interactive Display is the latest innovative solutions dedicated to changing classroom collaboration and student implication. This revolutionary medium of interactive learning effortlessly converts into a digital whiteboard. One single touch on the screen enables you to send files quickly, and your cruising around your most preferred application accelerates. It takes note of your teaching technique, enabling the instructional staff and the students to form their relations. In the PeopleLink Interactive Display, innovation collides with smooth partnering.

    4K UHD Interactive Display

    The latest technology supports the Interactive Display designed by PeopleLink. It offers 4K Ultra High Definition, making every picture or video as vivid as reality. Apart from that, a stylus or fingertips can also use the anti-glare display. The germ-resistant display assures that even if there are multiple users, still it won’t be contaminated. The 4K displays an ultra-wide 178° viewing angle and two powerful 20W speakers, ensuring sound and image are evident all around the room.

    peoplelink interactive display R series
    peoplelink interactive display

    Perfect for Every Space

    The PeopleLink’s immersive & interactive Display helps the host to create an engaging environment for the viewers. It is suitable for video conferences and collaboration sessions that are inclusive of proactive participation. This device could be a perfect addition to meeting rooms, huddle rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, and other spaces.

    Six Machines in One Device

    The PeopleLink interactive display has six functions in just one device, which makes it worth every penny spent. It integrates a projector, electronic whiteboard, computer, monitor, audio, and digital signage, all in just one product.

    peoplelink interactive display

    Superior Touch Experience

    This revolutionary touch experience by the PeopleLink leaves outdated technology behind. Whether one annotates with a writing stylus or the fingers, the distinction from traditional paper is negligible. The act feels as natural as pen to paper, raising annotation to unprecedented heights.

    Interaction Made Easy

    PeopleLink Interactive display is easy to use; you can simplify your classes and team collaborations. This solution is characterized by innovative features such as a thin, lightweight design, compatibility with the Windows system, and integrated Android OS support, which offers easy interaction. Alongside automated tools, the user interface designed specifically for individual users and the workplace is another efficiency-improving technology both in educational and professional practice settings.

    Single Time Interaction with Numerous People

    Foster collaborative learning environments with the series, supporting up to 20 points of touch. Multiple users can engage simultaneously, enabling smooth and responsive interactions at a single moment. From note-taking to drawing, this interactive display transforms the classroom into a dynamic space for collective engagement.

    Split Screen for Multi-Purpose

    The PeopleLink Interactive Display is a multi-purpose excellence. It allows about 20 users to use the screen at once. It can be used with a stylus or even with bare fingers. Multiple screens can be used through the split screen functionality. It makes it easier to handle interactive meetings or classrooms as more people can collaborate simultaneously.

    peoplelink interactive display

    Scan the Code to Connect Quickly

    The interactive display supports scanning the code through mobile phones. This helps to share and save meeting hours. Other than that, it supports local savings, which lets you continue writing or working from where you left off.

    Customized Interface for Your Needs

    Make the display specific to the setting once in a classroom or conference room. Users can customize the default user interface on the operating system embedded in the PeopleLink by changing themes on screens in a breeze. For convenience and usefulness, simplify the home screen while presenting tools that can easily be accessed for easy user operation.

    peoplelink interactive display
    peoplelink interactive display

    Limitless Screen Mirroring

    There are no screen sharing/mirroring boundaries when you choose the PeopleLink interactive display. It helps to transmit audio and video content on the display wirelessly. The display supports mobile phones, iPads, and laptops.

    Connectivity Ports for Easy Collaboration

    PeopleLink Interactive Flat Panel Display comes with Multiple Connectivity Ports such as HDMI, Optical, A/V Input, Antenna Cable, Eternal/LAN, USB, and Headphone that entitles seamless functioning of the interactive display panel.

    New Gen HD Video and Audio

    The Interactive Display R55SC has a unique built-in HD camera and an array of microphones. The 13 MP and 8 array microphones offer video clarity with a pickup range of 8m. The audio and video collaboration takes the meetings and sessions to the next level.


    ParameterInteractive Display R55SInteractive Display R65SInteractive Display R75SInteractive Display R86SInteractive Display R98S
    Size55 inch65 inch75 inch86 inch98 inch
    Resolution4K: 3840×21604K: 3840x21604K: 3840x21604K: 3840×21604K: 3840×2160
    Display Colors1.07B (10 bit)1.07B (10 bit)1.07B (10 bit)1.07B (10 bit)1.07B (10 bit)
    Viewing Angle178°(H/V)178°(H/V)178°(H/V)178°(H/V)178°(H/V)
    Brightness (Typ)350cd/m2350cd/m2350cd/m2350cd/m2350cd/m2
    Input ModeFinger, PenFinger, PenFinger, PenFinger, PenFinger, Pen
    Speakers2x20W Speakers2x20W Speakers2x20W Speakers2x20W Speakers2x20W Speakers
    Camera13MP (R55C Model) N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Microphone8 Array Mic (R55C Model) N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Touch Points20 points touch20 points touch20 points touch20 points touch20 points touch
    Response time≤5ms≤5ms≤5ms≤5ms≤5ms
    OSBuilt-in Android 12.0Built-in Android 12.0Built-in Android 12.0Built-in Android 12.0Built-in Android 12.0
    Connectivity PortsUSB, HDMI, VGA, RS232, RJ45, TF Card, Line In, COAXUSB, HDMI, VGA, RS232, RJ45, TF Card, Line In, COAXUSB, HDMI, VGA, RS232, RJ45, TF Card, Line In, COAXUSB, HDMI, VGA, RS232, RJ45, TF Card, Line In, COAXUSB, HDMI, VGA, RS232, RJ45, TF Card, Line In, COAX
    BluetoothBuilt-in Bluetooth V5.2Built-in Bluetooth V5.2Built-in Bluetooth V5.2Built-in Bluetooth V5.2Built-in Bluetooth V5.2
    WifiBuilt-in Wi-Fi modeBuilt-in Wi-Fi modeBuilt-in Wi-Fi modeBuilt-in Wi-Fi modeBuilt-in Wi-Fi mode
    Power Consumption330W210W290W450W550W
    VESA Hole Site400x200mm500x200mm600x400mm800x400mm1000x400mm
    4GB RAM / 32GB ROM Yes - R55S Model Yes - R65S Model Yes - R75S Model Yes - R86S Model Yes - R98S Model
    4GB + 32GB with HDMI-Out Yes - R55SH Model Yes - R65SH Model Yes - R75SH Model Yes - R86SH Model Yes - R98SH Model
    Extended 8GB+64GB Yes - R55E Model Yes - R65E Model Yes - R75E Model Yes - R86E Model Yes - R98E Model
    8GB + 64GB with HDMI-Out Yes - R55EH Model Yes - R65EH Model Yes - R75EH Model Yes - R86EH Model Yes - R98EH Model

    Disclaimer : Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification, Images shown here are for representational purpose only, actual may vary.


    Interactive Display
    Interactive Display
    Interactive Display
    Interactive Display



    Datasheet - Interactive Display R55 Download
    Datasheet - Interactive Display R65 Download
    Datasheet - Interactive Display R75 Download
    Datasheet - Interactive Display R86 Download
    Datasheet - Interactive Display R98 Download


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