PeopleLink Video Collaboration 4K Impact bars are appliances that provide a robust and flexible scaling platform for creating the ultimate video collaboration experience. One of the most advanced, portable and feature-rich Codecs available in the market to deliver ultimate combination of Audio, Video and Data streams to provide an unmatched real time collaboration.

    Integration Design

    Integrated 4K UHD camera, array microphone, high-fidelity speaker, high-performance android chip, single device connected to the network and connect with display device to hold meeting.

    One Device Two uses

    It can be used as an android video conferencing terminal, or as an integrated audio and video USB camera connected to a PC as a peripheral

    Built-in AI

    Support automatic box selection and sound source tracking

    Dual Screen Different Display

    2 x HDMI output supported, displays the main and secondary streams in full screen, respectively.

    Super Decoding

    1 x 4K@60fps, 8 x 1080P@30fps, 16 x 720P@30fps, 32 x 480P@30fps, 64 x 360P@15fps

    Multi-Protocal Convergence (Optional)

    Self-developed H.323/SIP terminal software with super interoperability, support install Tencent conference and other third-party cloud video conference client, and realizes the integration of the two

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