PeopleLink 4K Huddle Pro ePTZ camera delivers high definition experience of video conference at an optimized bandwidth. Supports 4k@30fps with inbuilt stereo high gain microphones. It supports ePTZ ( pan, Tilt, and Zoom), comes along with remote to control PTZ functionality. It comes with FOV of 84 degrees. The integrated compact design houses powerful 4K camera, microphone to host High definition video conference.

    Key Features:

    A native Android ecosystem.: Full native android operating system version 6.0, can be seamlessly ported to the android video conference application, designed for customers who need to tailor their business, and the combination of soft and hard can be achieved.

    AF lens: Full custom autofocus orthoscopic lens for 4K module, optimization design needs of video conference, 4X Digital ZOOM with ePTZ Function and wide field of view is as high as 84 °, small size, wide angle, thin and also has the things around.At the same time, it supports EPTZ.

    All-in-one with delicate style: Equipment set Camera + microphone + video terminal Function three-in-one, integrated design for a single device, simple interface, convenient connection, easy to install, easy to deploy, easy to install.

    Built-in microphone: With built-in array microphone, around picked up angle, up to 6 meters away, with a unique noise suppression algorithm that makes your voice perfect and supports external microphones.

    Difference screen show on screen: Built-in MALI T880-MP4 800MHz graphics processor, support dual HDMI output, can show two FHD video on the screen.

    Embedded solution: Embedded hardware solutions, high efficiency, low latency.

    High performance: Base flagship SOC of MTK, 10 core CPU (4*Cortex A53@1.4GHz + 4*Cortex A53@1.85GHz + 2*Cortex A72@2.3GHz), and provide the internal performance of sustained and dynamic.

    liquid cooling: The device is specially optimized on the heat dissipation. Through the three-dimensional heat dissipation, the heat dissipated by the CPU can be evenly distributed to the entire surface of the casing to avoid heat.

    Privacy protection: The terminal device has a privacy protection function that can open or obscure the camera separately. After the lens is blocked, the device enters standby mode.

    Professional card interface: The MIC in and line in feature a professional snap-on interface with a spring-locking device for reliable connection and not easy to pull-out.

    Ultra HD: Support 4K ultra HD capature, ultra high resolution with ultra high resolution, and down compatible with 1080P, 720P and other resolutions.

    Wi-Fi support: Built-in Wi-Fi module for optional, access networks by wireless, wiring simple, flexible and convenient.

    Phone Set Features
    Enhanced Audio Features
    Automatic Echo Cancellation
    Automatic Gain Control
    Noise Reduction EAF
    Full Duplex
    Non Linear Processing
    Automatic Level Control

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