InstaVC Pro Multi Control Unit support the WebRTC, H.323 and SIP communication protocol, support H.263, H.264, H.264HP, H.261, VP8, and a variety of video compression algorithm, with strong throughout the fully complete solution capabilities, excellent functions of conference management, to the user provides the industry’s highest level meeting experience.

    Key Features:

    Conference room reservation: according to the free resources of meeting room, conference room layout, the number of meeting staff to make an appointment and scheduling.

    Connection ability: InstaVC Pro MCU has the ability to connect the H.323 and SIP and WebRTC video protocol, can be connected to the conference room, desktop PC, smart mobilephone, PAD and other terminals.

    Design description: InstaVC Pro MCU Provide multipoint conference function, protocol gateway function, GK call control and effective network resource management.

    Equipment booking: video terminal and MCU timed automatic video conference.

    Fully complete solution ability: InstaVC Pro MCU has the ability to fully complete solution.

    Applications Of InstaVC Pro MCU

    • Browser WebRTC Client Dial in ( Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera)
    • Full HD Business to Business Communication.
    • H.323/SIP dial in, or dial out from Web server
    • Video layout selection using remote control or web pages
    • Up to 50 Ports Full HD MCU
    Phone Set Features
    Enhanced Audio Features
    Automatic Echo Cancellation
    Automatic Gain Control
    Noise Reduction EAF
    Full Duplex
    Non Linear Processing
    Automatic Level Control

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