PeopleLink’s 4K UHD Active Optical Cables For Next-gen AV Applications

PeopleLink’s AOC Cables offer data transfer speed up to 5 Gbps through an active optical link to stretch across greater distances and feature high-quality USB molded connectors, supporting up to 100m MaxLength. Our Active Optical Cables are the best choice for professional AV setups when ultra-high-bandwidth video needs to go over long distances.



    Benefits of PeopleLink Active Optical Cables:

    Elimination of Delays or Signal Loss
    For 24/7 AV applications, active optical cables are perfect. They guarantee excellent performance and prompt signal transfer.

    Simple Installation
    Plug-and-play cable that is simple to navigate through confined places and around corners, it easily conceals today’s ultra-thin displays.

    Consistent Performance
    Take advantage of a steady signal transmission while other options fall short. Reduce electromagnetic noise and EMI/RFI interference, which reduce signal quality.


    • High Definition Video Conference System
    • Industry Camera
    • Machine Vision Camera Extension
    • Industry Printing System
    • High Definition video surveillance system
    • Digital Signage and TV wall
    • Remote Storage

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