PeopleLink Impact Pro is an endpoint device that delivers HD quality audio/visuals even in low bandwidth. The in-built VPN feature provides required network security for all users. The device allows easy data and rich-media sharing with ease and can be easily integrated with the standardized video systems and other hardware-based endpoints with necessary licenses, making it exceptionally pocket-friendly.

    Impact Pro 20x Endpoint

    Easily Integrated with the Standardized Video Systems

    Impact 20X Endpoint - 1
    Impact 20X Endpoint - 2
    Impact 20X Endpoint - 5
    Impact 20X Endpoint - 6
    Impact 20X Endpoint - 1 Impact 20X Endpoint - 2 Impact 20X Endpoint - 5 Impact 20X Endpoint - 6
    • High-definition video conferencing experience
    • Multiple Connectivity Ports
    • USB recording in Full HD
    • Wireless Content Sharing
    • Supports H.323 / SIP, H.239/BFCP Protocols

    Chat, stream, and Endpoint with the Impact Pro 20X Endpoint from PeopleLink. This PTZ camera supports up to 1080p@30fps video and features auto-focus and automatic backlight correction for precise details in dimly or brightly lit environments. It features a 20x optical zoom, a wide 60.7° horizontal field of view, and 2D and 3D digital noise reduction for a crisp, clear image. This Impact Endpoint is compatible with various collaboration platforms and suitable for various meeting scenarios.

    Immersive Visual Experience with 1080p @30fps True HD Resolution

    Enjoy vivid clarity with a true high-definition experience at 1080p resolution and a smooth 30 frames per second, ensuring crystal-clear video quality for your communication needs.

    impact pro 20X
    impact pro 20X

    Precision Zoom Technology with Advanced Image Sharpening

    Capture details precisely using the Full HD PTZ camera’s 20x optical zoom, enhanced by cutting-edge image sharpening technology for exceptional clarity even at a distance.

    Flexible Communication Protocols, Effortless Content Sharing

    Embrace real-time multimedia communication over IP with support for H.323 and SIP protocols, providing flexibility and interoperability for diverse communication environments. Utilize industry-standard protocols like H.239 and BFCP for efficient and seamless content sharing, ensuring compatibility and smooth multimedia communication over various networks. PeopleLink ensures a seamless integration with the other hardware-based endpoints to conduct conferencing & Endpoint sharing to ensure effective visual collaboration for your organization with necessary licenses.

    impact pro 20X
    impact pro 20X

    Exceptional Audio Quality

    Advanced Microphone Technology benefits from clear and crisp audio with a built-in omnidirectional microphone featuring echo cancellation and noise suppression, ensuring optimal sound quality during meetings and conferences.

    Versatile Multiparty Functionality

    Experience Full HD endpoint capabilities at 1080p@30fps endpoint transition to multiparty communication (P2P), (1+3) with the option to upgrade using a simple soft key, providing versatility for different meeting scenarios.

    impact pro 20X
    impact pro 20X

    Record Your Meetings On USB Device At Full HD

    This unique feature of Impact Pro Endpoint facilitates a one-touch USB endpoint, transforming a USB drive into an elaborate video archive. The entire conference and shared content are stored directly on a USB device to avoid post-meeting information loss.

    Dual Display Capability, Feasible Connectivity

    PeopleLink Video Conferencing Endpoint is equipped with input HDMI endpoint content sharing to allow users to connect multiple input devices, including a video conferencing camera, laptop, and PC. With the help of HDMI output ports, users can enjoy video output on multiple displays simultaneously.

    impact pro 20X
    impact pro 20X

    Collaborate & Share Ideas

    Experience natural, real-time collaborations and communications with Content Sharing, allowing presenters to share presentations, files, animations, images, and more to create a smooth and interactive video conferencing environment.

    Manage Your Conference From Anywhere

    With an easy-to-use and intuitive web conference management interface, users can access their Video Conferencing Endpoint remotely and even conduct or Endpoint a call. Also, the PTZ controls of Endpoints can be accessed via the user endpoints web interface for greater application flexibility.

    impact pro 20X
    impact pro 20X

    Safe & Secure Conferencing

    Data security and privacy cannot be overlooked when holding an important video conference. Therefore, to safeguard your virtual meetings, PeopleLink Impact Video Conferencing Endpoints are equipped with industry-leading AES encryption.


    impact 20X
    impact 20X
    impact 20X
    impact 20X
    impact 20X
    impact 20X


    Built-in Camera:Yes
    Image Sensor: 1/2.7-inch CMOS 2.07M
    Image Resolution:1080p FHD
    Frames per second:30fps
    Optical Zoom:20x optical zoom
    Digital Zoom:N/A
    Field of View:60.7 degrees
    Dual Stream:H.239/BFCP
    Dual Display Support:Yes
    Bandwidth:64kbps ~ 8Mbps
    Built-in MCU:P2P, 1+3
    Built-in VPN:Yes
    Microphone:1 Omni-Directional Mic
    Mic Pickup Range:3 meter
    3A Algorithm:Built in AEC, AGC & ANS
    Built-in Speaker:No
    Interface:USB, HDMI, RJ45, Mic, Line In/Out
    Video Codecs:H.263, H.264, H.264HP, SVC
    Inbuilt Recording:USB Recording
    Camera Control:Yes
    Remote Control:Remote Control
    Application:Meeting Rooms, Conference rooms
    Impact Pro 20X LineArt



    ParameterImpact Pro 12X EndpointImpact Pro 20X Endpoint4K Impact Bar
    Built-in CameraYesYesYes
    Image Sensor 1/2.7-inch CMOS 2.07M 1/2.7-inch CMOS 2.07M1/2.5" CMOS, 8.51 MP
    Image Resolution1080p FHD1080p FHD4K UHD
    Frames per second60fps30fps4K @ 30fps, 1080p@ 60fps
    Optical Zoom12x optical zoom20x optical zoom20x optical zoom
    Digital Zoom16x digital zoomN/A5x digital zoom
    Field of View72.5 degrees60.7 degreesDFoV 121 degrees
    Dual StreamH.239/BFCPH.239/BFCPH.239/BFCP
    Dual Display SupportYesYesYes
    Bandwidth64kbps ~ 8Mbps64kbps ~ 8Mbps64kbps ~ 8Mbps
    Built-in MCUP2P, 1+3P2P, 1+3P2P, 1+3
    Built-in VPNYesYesYes
    Microphone1 Omni-Directional Mic1 Omni-Directional Mic1 Built-in array microphone
    Mic Pickup Range3 meter3 meter6 meter
    3A AlgorithmBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANSBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANSBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANS
    Built-in SpeakerNoNoBuilt-in speaker
    InterfaceUSB, HDMI, DVI, D-MIC, RJ45, Mic, Line In/OutUSB, HDMI, RJ45, Mic, Line In/OutUSB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.0 Type-C, HDMI, RJ45, Line In/Out
    Video CodecsH.263, H.264, H.264HPH.263, H.264, H.264HP, SVCH.264, H.264 HP, H.264 SVC
    Inbuilt RecordingOptionalUSB RecordingUSB Recording
    Camera ControlYesYesYes
    Remote ControlRemote ControlRemote ControlRemote Control
    ApplicationMeeting Rooms, Conference roomsMeeting Rooms, Conference roomsMeeting Rooms, Conference rooms

    Disclaimer : Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification, Images shown here are for representational purpose only, actual may vary.


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