PeopleLink Speakerbar is the best audio communication solution for conference rooms and classrooms, ensuring high quality audio with wider coverage. The in-built subwoofer of the device delivers crystal clear sound and can be operated with a remote control. The auto echo cancellation feature suppresses any noise or echo from interfering with the audio.

    PeopleLink Speakerbar

    High Quality Audio with Wider Coverage

    Speaker bar
    Speaker Bar
    Speaker bar Speaker Bar
    • All-in-one Soundbar
    • Bluetooth Connection
    • 4 built-in drivers
    • Cinematic Experience
    • 40W Powerful Sound
    • HDMI, USB, AUX, Optical

    The PeopleLink Speakerbar is the ultimate audio communication solution for conference rooms and classrooms. This cutting-edge device guarantees unparalleled audio quality and expansive coverage, making it the go-to choice for professional and educational environments. With its built-in subwoofer, the PeopleLink Speakerbar delivers crystal clear sound, elevating your communication experience. Control is at your fingertips with the convenience of a remote, ensuring seamless operation. The auto echo cancellation feature takes it further by suppressing unwanted noise and echo, guaranteeing that your audio remains pristine and interference-free. Elevate your conferencing and teaching experiences with the PeopleLink Soundbar Plus, where superior audio meets effortless control.

    Immersive Surround Sound

    It is a versatile and configurable 2-piece sound system, easy to split into two parts and joined together. This innovative soundbar is designed to deliver an impressive surround sound. Whether you use it as a single bar or a double bar on opposite sides of your television, immerse yourself in high-quality audio that enhances your video meetings, movies, shows, and music.

    peoplelink speakerbar
    Peoplelink speakerbar

    Multi-Functional Design

    It’s a multi-functional audio powerhouse. Quickly transform it from a floor-standing stereo speaker system to double wall speakers or a single sleek bar, adapting to your preferred setup. Each piece comes with convenient mounting features, allowing you to personalize your home entertainment space easily.

    Powerful Audio Performance

    Boasting 20X2 Woofers with 40 Watts output power and a digital equalizer, the PeopleLink Speakerbar ensures a robust and smooth audio performance. Whether watching movies, streaming your favorite shows, or listening to music, experience exceptional sound quality that enhances the overall entertainment value.

    peoplelink speakerbar
    PeopleLink Speakerbar

    No Interference & Noise Cancellation

    This soundbar is designed with refined details to deliver a high-end portable stereo experience. The auto echo cancellation feature takes it further by suppressing unwanted noise and echo, guaranteeing that your audio remains pristine and interference-free.

    Bluetooth Connectivity for Smart Devices

    No more tangled wires for connectivity. This soundbar features Bluetooth technology, enabling you to connect it to any smart TV wirelessly or Bluetooth-enabled device within a range of up to 30 feet. Enjoy the freedom to place your soundbar wherever you desire without compromising sound quality.

    PeopleLink Speakerbar
    peoplelink speakerbar

    Versatile Input Options

    The PeopleLink PeopleLink Speakerbar offers a variety of input options to suit your preferences. With USB/TF card/3.5mm/Bluetooth 5.0/optical inputs, this soundbar provides flexibility for different audio sources. Control the volume effortlessly using the included remote control, and power it up with the AC adapter for uninterrupted entertainment.

    Sleek and Compact Design

    The PeopleLink Speakerbar combines functionality with a modern design. Its dimensions make it a sleek addition to your meeting room and home entertainment setup. It is easy to install and move, allowing you to create the perfect audio environment wherever you go.

    PeopleLink Speakerbar
    PeopleLink Speakerbar

    Connectivity Support & Setup

    It can be connected to PC/ mini PC/ Laptop /OPS. It has cross shaped wall mount easy for wall mounted together or split to parts.


    PeopleLink Speakerbar
    PeopleLink Speakerbar
    PeopleLink Speakerbar
    PeopleLink Speakerbar


    • 2.0 Channel
    • 40W Output Power
    • 20Hz – 16KHz Frequency Response
    • ≤10% THD
    • S/N ≥80db
    • AC~110-240V, 50/60Hz Power
    • 2″ x 4 Speaker Driver
    • 4ohm 10W Impedance
    • LED 8 Display
    • 18V 2A
    • Inputs : HDMI ARC/USB/TF Card/3.5mm/Bluetooth/Optical
    PeopleLink Speakerbar



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