PeopleLink PVC 50WS is a digital wireless speakerphone that is the perfect audio solution for boardrooms and conference rooms. The microphones have 360-degree audio pickup capability and deliver up to 87db of clear audio output. The echo cancellation and noise reduction feature helps in preventing background noise and echoes from interfering with the conference.

    PeopleLink PVC 50 WS

    Wireless Audio Conferencing Solution for Conferences

    PVC 50 WS-2
    PVC 50 WS-4
    PVC 50 WS-2 PVC 50 WS-4
    • Wireless/USB Connectivity
    • Built-in Microphone
    • Built-in 87dB Speker
    • 3 Meter Audio Pickup Range
    • USB 2.0, 3.5mm Out
    • Built-in AEC, AGC, ANS

    PeopleLink PVC 50WS is a digital wireless speakerphone with the perfect audio solution for boardrooms and conference rooms. The microphones have 360-degree audio pickup capability and deliver up to 87dB of clear audio output. The echo cancellation and noise reduction feature helps prevent background noise and echoes from interfering with the conference. The 87dB speaker produces high-fidelity audio quality with built-in acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, and acoustic noise suppression. These microphones can pick up sound equally from all directions, and one can simultaneously use a microphone and loudspeaker without needing a headset/handheld unit.

    Perfect Room Solution

    The PeopleLink PVC 50WS is the correct audio device for immersive audio conferencing sessions. It can be used in board and conference rooms for optimum performance. The wireless audio conferencing product can be connected to multiple devices for HD audio output.

    peoplelink PVC 50
    peoplelink PVC 50

    Reliable Wireless Unit

    The wireless unit of PeopleLink PVC 50WS allows for the management of meetings with complete control and reliability. This feature provides flexibility and freedom of movement during conferences, eliminating the need for wires and allowing participants to engage in discussions without being tethered to a specific location.

    Omni-Directional Microphones

    The PVC 50WS has omnidirectional microphones, enabling them to capture sound equally from all directions. This 360-degree audio pickup capability ensures that all participants in a conference room are effectively heard, regardless of their position on the device. This feature contributes to a more inclusive and efficient communication environment.

    peoplelink PVC 50
    peoplelink pvc 50

    High-Performance Speakerphone

    The speakerphone functionality allows for the simultaneous use of a microphone and loudspeaker without requiring a headset or handheld unit. This hands-free operation enhances convenience during meetings, enabling participants to focus on discussions without the need to hold or wear additional devices. It facilitates a natural and collaborative communication experience.

    87dB Speaker Output

    The PeopleLink PVC 50WS boasts an impressive 87dB speaker output, delivering high-fidelity audio quality. This powerful audio capability ensures participants can hear and understand each other, even in larger conference rooms. The rich audio output contributes to an immersive and professional communication atmosphere.

    peoplelink PVC 50

    Built-in AEC, AGC, and ANS

    The PVC 50WS is equipped with advanced audio processing features. With these, it can eliminate echoes, automatically adjust the microphone and speaker levels, and reduce background noise, ensuring the focus remains on the participants’ voices and minimizing distractions.

    Accommodate Everything in a Pouch

    The PVC 50WS is a complete package for anyone interested in a superior conferencing environment. To keep everything intact, it comes with a pouch. Accommodate the adapters and cables neatly in the handy pouch to safeguard the product and accessories.



    Connectivity:USB & Wireless
    Microphone:Omni directional microphone
    Frequency:20Hz - 20kHz
    Voice Pickup Range:3 meters
    Voice Pickup Radius:360° Voice pickup
    Speaker:87 dB Speaker Out
    Echo Length Cancellation:500ms
    Interface:USB 2.0, 3.5mm out
    User Interface:Keypad
    3A Algorithm:Built in AEC, AGC & ANS
    Wireless:Yes - Dongle
    Operating System:IOS/Android/Windows
    Ideal Room Size:20ft by 15ft
    Seating Capacity:8 to 10 seater
    Application:Board room & Conference room
    peoplelink PVC 50



    ParameterUVC 35BPVC 50 WSPQuadro
    ConnectivityUSB & Bluetooth/ WirelessUSB & WirelessUSB Connection
    Microphone6 mic arrayOmni directional microphone4 bi-directional microphones
    Frequency20Hz - 20kHz20Hz - 20kHz100 Hz to 22KHz
    Voice Pickup Range3 meters3 meters3 meters
    Voice Pickup Radius360° Voice pickup360° Voice pickup360° Voice pickup
    Speaker80 dB Speaker Out87 dB Speaker Out92 dB Speaker Out
    Expansion MicSupports 2 extension mics
    Ext Mic audio Pickup Range3 meters2 meters
    Echo Length Cancellation500ms500ms
    InterfaceUSB Type-C/BT/DongleUSB 2.0, 3.5mm outUSB 2.0 B TypeB
    User InterfaceFunction KeysKeypadKeypad
    3A AlgorithmBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANSBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANSBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANS
    BluetoothYes V5.2
    Bluetooth range10 meters
    WirelessYes - DongleYes - Dongle
    Built-in batteryBuilt-in 5200mAh battery
    Operating SystemIOS/Android/WindowsIOS/Android/WindowsIOS/Android/Windows
    Ideal Room Size20 square meter meeting room20ft by 15ft30ft by 20f
    Seating Capacity4 - 6 Seater8 to 10 seater15 - 20 seater
    ApplicationWFH / Huddle RoomsBoard room & Conference roomBoard room, conference room

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