PeopleLink i5 HD WebCam For Video Conferencing

PeopleLink i5 HD WebCam for Video Conferencing


In these modern days, the communication technology has been widely renovated, with the aid of the Video conferencing. Today the advent of the HD Web Cameras has made virtual conversations more lively. The true HD cameras enable the users to capture each and every detail of the other person who are participating in the virtual conference.

There is a wide range of HD WebCams available in the market these days. Normally businesses are using these cameras for a boardroom conference purpose, and are quite expensive. Now-a-days, most of the business executives find Desktop based video conferencing as a flexible solution to take part from being anywhere around the world and these HD WebCam makes it HD quality live experience.

In case of the Desktop video conference, the users will normally make use of the webcams or cams that are inbuilt in the standard PCs and Laptops. But these cameras will fail to deliver the live like experience during the time of the conference, and at the same time, one cannot accumulate a huge and expensive HD cameras such as PTZ's.

In these circumstances, the PeopleLink i5 Camera is the one stop solution for the desktop based video conferencing users. This camera will enable the participants in conducting the conference in True HD Video Clarity. It is the best available camera for the small and medium scale industries.

The features and functionalities of this camera are attracting most of the small and medium scale industries, in executing the video conferencing in a cost effective way. The amazing picture clarity of this camera enables the users to have live like experience during the time of the conference, it supports 720P @ 30fps up to 1080P Resolution.

The PeopleLink i5 camera is specially designed for performing desktop based video conferencing, where in 4-6 members are participating. The viewing angle of this camera is 58.5 degrees and is focus free. This camera is designed in such a way that it is compatible with any of the operating system such as Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista & MAC OS, it has got inbuilt MIC. Normally in a video conferencing, the white balancing is a common problem, the PeopleLink i5 camera has got inbuilt white balancing feature, provides quality video in low light consumption.

This Web Camera is highly flexible, can be carried by the business travellers as it is just weighted 70g, with 13ft USB Cable Length inbuilt without extender.

PeopleLink i5 HD Web Camera

Features Of PeopleLink i5 WebCam:

  • Focus - Focus Free
  • Viewing Angle - 58.5 degrees
  • USB - USB 2.0 or higher version
  • MIC - Built in MIC
  • White Balance - Auto white balance
  • Flicker - 50hz, 60hz
  • Power Input - USB Power/ 5V
  • OS supported - Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista & MAC OS
  • Dimensions - 67mmx36mmx69mm
  • Weight - 70g
  • USB Cable Length - 13ft USB cable length inbuilt without extender
  • Sensor - True Color HD Sensor
  • Resolution - 720P @ 30fps up to 1080P
  • Aspect Ratio Support - 16:9 or higher
  • Zoom - Digital zoom with face tracking
  • Light - Low light enhancement technology

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