Initiative for Rehabilitating the People of Chennai

Social Cause: Initiative for Rehabilitating the People of Chennai

We are all aware that TamilNadu has witnessed an unprecedented calamity and it was becoming of us as humans to help our neighboring state to get back on feet. Many resonated and responded with similar voice when my mother Nirmala Kamaraju, my brother Kamal Kamaraju and three of our families, friends ShourySayala, Suneetha Reddy and Prasad Reddy along with me wanted to leave for Chennai immediately to see if we can personally lend some support. But such intentions will not be of great meaning without ample means. One of the first communication I had with is company PeopleLink - Amit Chowdry and different individuals from PeopleLink with a positive response of contribution, especially EMEA sales team, also from Hyderabad Entrepreneurs groups like Raghunandan and Anand from Misti Milk products, team DoConf, My PG and Graduation classmates, Friends of my brother Ajay Kumar, Friends of Shoury, Siraj, Vishal Jain from stone life, Usha from Gold Dragon, Lal foundation, Rays foundation, friends of Suneetha and Prasad, community at our residents and Many more who initiated a fund raising among friends. I would like to thank on behalf of my team, each and every one who came forward and graciously donated in cash and kind.

We also would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers in Chennai who coordinated the Relief work. Special thanks to Durai, Gayatri, Manoj, and Vetri. Thanks to all the Corporations who donated medicines and gave us the best price. Granules India Ltd (Mr. Krishna Prasad, Chairman, CEO), Aurobindo Pharma Ltd (Madan Mohan, Executive Director), MedPlus (Bhaskar, MD) Here is a brief of what followed and it is something we all should be proud about.

3AM Sunday to 3PM Friday till we reached Hyderabad –

We left from Hyderabad to Bangalore in personal vehicles assuming the roads would be tough towards Chennai on Sunday 6th December 2015. Collected 88 tarpaulins which would be the basic shelter during rains and for the people whose huts are washed off and few medicines (30k paracetamols, 25k ibuprofen). Milk powder, Noodles, Bought most of the material from Bangalore and Chitoor to avoid transportation cost and reached Chennai.

Earlier the plan was to provide for Cuddalore which was badly hit. But as we were in touch with one of our Actor friend Siddharth who suggested us to divert the plan to Chennai, as the relief operations in Cuddalore was hit due to blocking and stealing of material on route and time taking. Chennai was a testing time for us as a team due to initial hiccups during identification and allocation. But I am happy to inform that we were able to undertake the below mentioned relief work.

Chennai Social Cause

1. Supplied Paracetamol and ibuprofen medicines to Lady Andal medical relief camp at Harrington Road.

2. Supplied Blankets mosquito coils and ORSL to 150 families near in Tiruvattiyur (Injikuzhimedu)

3. Supplied relief material which included tarpaulins, one mat, 4 candles, match boxes,1bag, Mosquito coils, 2 water bottles, biscuit packets, noodles, sanitary pads, toothpaste, and 2 tooth brushes, saree & blouse, Dettol/Savlons, ORSL as a kit to 200families at Yerikarai in Thambaram and 50 families at KK Nagar.

4. A truck load of critical medicines being contributed and supplied by M/s AurobindoPharma Ltd. Hyderabad. These were handed over to one of the biggest medical camps monitored by Mrs. Chaaya Devi and VHS a voluntary organization to give free medication.

5. Another truck load of medicines given at a cost price by Medplus which included bandages, face masks, antifungal and antiseptic creams also reached Mrs. Chaaya Devi on 11th December.

6. One set of tarpaulins reached Gandhi Nagar slums.

All this would not have been possible without each one of you and many others who joined hands through other teammates. I feel only a little was done and a lot more work on the ground through micro relief is required in the coming few months. I appreciate all the relief works taken up by various volunteers and organizations too who coordinated with us in this small but timely effort.

Entire Kit supplied to individual families
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