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NextGenVideo Solutions for Smarter Governance

Amit-Chowdry-NextGenVideo-Solutions-for-Smarter GovernanceProviding modular customized next generation video products, PeopleLink HD Video Conferencing Software and Solutions are transforming the traditional conference rooms, making it more interactive for the government, healthcare, education and SME sectors, Writes Amit Chowdry, CEO, PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt Ltd

Linking People from across the globe virtually, PeopleLink is enabling the Digital India and smart governance visions of the government by implementing video collaborations and integrate video networks.

We are closely following the government policies and adding more features to our solutions, in line with the government focus of reaching out to the masses and getting them the benefits... Once we start getting feedback from various government departments, we would know what extra features are needed for their specific needs. – Amit Chowdry, CEO PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt. Ltd.

PeopleLink’s largest deployment of Video Connectivity for the Government of Rajasthan

PeopleLink is presently deploying, which can be called as the largest deployment of 18,000 port video collaboration platform for the Government of Rajasthan. The solution shall spread over 32 districts of Rajasthan covering the entire state to be virtually connected. This ambitious 5 Year project aims at the criticality of adopting visual collaboration by the government for an efficient people reach out strategy and for effective governance. These projects help empower the people and get them closer to the government for efficacious grievance management, while the government uses the platform for making its departments more agile and connected for an inclusive growth of the state.

PeopleLink Managed Service Portfolio

PeopleLink has also initiated its Managed Service portfolio, which addresses the need of ad-hoc video requirements of the Users. Managed Service for visual collaboration has a potential of almost 52% CAGR growth, hence; it sets the company and its Products & services on a fast pace growth platform. The Managed service also opens up the possibility of having a multi-tenant deployment model, wherein the service providers can also offer the collaboration on their cloud under SaaS and PaaS services.

Managed video services is seeing an upward trajectory, which is indeed an acknowledgement of video being accepted as a preferred medium for effective governance & mass collaboration. It presents a unique way to get a stronger visual strategy for the ATL / BTL marketing.The services are effectively being explored by many to enhance their marketing activities like product Launches, announcement of services & policies, conducting multi-city promotions etc. - Abhishek Pratap Singh, Head Product Marketing & PeopleLink Managed Video Services.

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PeopleLink NextGenVideo Solutions for Smarter Governance

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