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PeopleLink Learning Management Solutions (LMS)

Video Enabled Learning Management Solutions (LMS)

Most of the technology holds the grip on E-Learning community, People are more likely moving towards the systems which provide easy ways for acquisition of knowledge. Learning Management System is a virtual learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners to create customized learning environments through Video Conferencing.

Main objective of LMS is to enhance the concept of virtual classroom by providing easily accessible Video conferencing interface at low bandwidth to experience the highest quality of audio, video and data collaboration. It serves several functions including course documentation, administration and evaluation that allows both teachers and Learners to maximize the use of LMS. It allows multiple users to access the learning tools at any given time providing a centralized tool for information and education by eliminating geographical barriers.

LMS customizes the learning process and procedure to make it more flexible to clients by advanced data collaboration to make virtual training more interactive and realistic. It helps in increasing the performance through tracking the sessions. Users can register for more than one course. It has got advanced authentication and firewalls to ensure the data security. It is a SCORM compliant which enables the interoperability between e- learning software content management.

Complete Features / Functionalities

User Management - Admin, Instructor, Learner, Parent

Functionalities of AdminFunctionalities of InstructorFunctionalities of LearnerFunctionalities of ParentOther

  • Creates different types of profiles.
  • Adds instructors to it based on the area of specialization.
  • Registers Learners profile.
  • Allocates the Learners to different instructors based on the area of course chosen.
  • Broadcasts different messages and notifications.
  • Creates course wise tests.
  • Create a Discussion through forums for institutions to actively participate.
  • Topic wise assignments can be created by admin.
  • Has the feature of viewing the Course wise / Test wise / Assignments statistical reports.
  • Can view feedbacks of the trainer and attendance of the students in Video training sessions.
  • Can track the results of test/ assignments as per different search criteria.
  • Track the information about course, instructor and Learner.
  • Can add different formats of content in the Library for the institution.
  • Can assign a parent/guardian to a student for tracking.

  • Instructors will get registered on the portal based on the area of specialization.
  • Has an access to view Learners profile, where it contains general information like name, age and courses attended which falls under his category.
  • Instructors can upload course materials, files, SCORM content and YouTube links and can share them with the Learners.
  • Instructors can Create topics under each course assigned to them.
  • Instructors can Schedule his / her Live video classes for the students assigned to them.
  • Instructor’s dashboard consists of timetable and list of Learners attending the particular scheduled class.
  • Can share his screen and whiteboard during class.
  • Can give access of audio/Video to Learners and answer their questions.
  • Instructor creates the assignments and can also view the results of tests.
  • Instructor has got an extra feature where he can adjust his Video resolution according to the available bandwidth.
  • Recording option to record the entire session and can use it for future reference.
  • Has a feature to view his past, present and upcoming scheduled with the available Learner details.
  • Instructor has got an additional feature of creating discussions on his own, where Learners can share their views and instructor replies.
  • Can Broadcast messages, Create assignments, make a content library in different formats, can access editor tools for creating the content.

  • Learner can Login on the portal and can undertake web based virtual training sessions.
  • Learners can attend their classes irrespective of their geographical location.
  • Learners can access specialization courses assigned to them by their respective administrator.
  • Clicking on the trainer’s profile gives the complete information of the trainer.
  • Time table is visible for the Learner to Know their schedules of Live training sessions / tests / assignments.
  • Can view posts and assignments posted by instructor and will be able to take the tests on the scheduled time.
  • Has an access to view the results and broadcasted messages.
  • Learners can opt for multiple courses.
  • Can view the reports of courses and can also give feedback to the instructor after every class.
  • Can access the Library of an Admin and their respective Instructor.

  • Can track the progress of Education, Reports and Results of their kids.
  • Administrators can share notices with Parents directly.
  • Parents can join the discussions initiated by the Administrators.
  • Provision for conducting Virtual Parent Teacher meetings in the future.

Courses Management

Assign Instructor & Learner to the course
Admin assigns the instructors to the particular course based on the area of specialization. Based on the course chosen admin allocates the Learner to a particular Instructor.

Course uploads
A course upload is a space where instructors can add learning materials for their Learners. A course can display its materials in a number of formats for example in weekly or topic wise sessions including .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pptx, SCORM files etc. Instructor has the freedom to use variety of materials to enrich his online course and appeal to different learning styles.

Topic Management
Topic Management Wizard is designed to guide you smoothly through the process of creating effective topics, with just a few clicks.

Topic Uploads
Topic Uploads might be a simple page with downloadable documents or it might be a complex set of tasks where learning progresses through interaction. LMS provides an easy way for a teacher to present materials to their Learners. These materials may take the form of files such as word-processed documents or slideshow presentations.

Test and Assignments

Test schedule based on course
LMS provides the versatile scheduling of tests, Admin has the right to schedule the test based on the course for Learners which accounts for building and delivering secured online assessments.

Tests / Assignments evaluation
We know how important privacy is, by letting share a URL to invite learners to take test/ assignments with a single click either privately or via email invitation. Obtain instant results and comparative analysis of overall score, ranking, questions attempted, answer accuracy and more. Reports can be shared to each individual on their e-mail ID’s.

Instant Results
LMS provides the instant results by evaluating the Learners performance in test/assignments based on certain metrics and generates a detailed report.

Results and Reports
What if your learners aren’t taking your courses when they should be? Pulling up a “not taken” report can show you which customers haven’t taken certain training courses, for example .While this information is useful for sales teams or customer success teams, it may be most useful for channel sales directors or channel marketing managers who are using the LMS to administer certification programs for channel partners and vendors. This LMS data can tell the channel sales director who hasn’t been taking it, and who is currently uncertified.

Virtual Classroom
Virtual Classrooms replicate the discourse and discussion of a typical classroom with a complete set of features for highly interactive and effective group learning. LMS virtual class room brings you a vibrant online learning experience, flexibility in learning and improved activity complete streaming with real-time audio and video communication, interactive whiteboard, chat functionality both individual and group, screen sharing, hand raise options and automated class attendance in a structured online learning environment which improves learning effectiveness, increases productivity.

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