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PeopleLink ProAmp-E delivers an all in one wireless modular audio solution on the wheels. The compact PA system is housed in a cabinet for making it a must have device for organizations, training Institutes etc for conducting ad hoc events / seminars.


The microphone has a unique echo cancellation which delivers best in class, crystal clear audio for your Events. The Bundle gives you High Quality Audio with easy Integration of various associated devices.

High Quality Audio

PeopleLink ProAmp-E delivers High Quality amplified audio. This Utility Bundle offers 100W Speaker with built in woofer & audio Input devices for various applications.


The compact design and portability with retractable handle allows an easy movement of the unit. The rugged design makes it an asset for the organizations conducting ad hoc events & operations from remote locations.

Versatile Utility

ProAmp-E is an ideal solution for conducting indoor events such as Musical and Vocal Performances, Small Gatherings, Religious Discourses, Lectures, Presentations etc. This is widely popular in conducting remote training sessions where the need of portability & easy Installations play a key role.

Speaker size : 15 inch Woofer
Microphone input : Yes
Guitar Input : Yes
Aux IN : Yes
Rechargeable Battery : 4.5A / 12V
RMS : 80 W
Maximum Output : 100W
Master Volume : Yes
Bass : Yes
Treble : Yes
Echo Control : Yes
Microphone priority : Yes
Accessories : 2 Wireless hand held Mic, 1 Collar Mic,
Bluetooth function ProAmp-E Out
Dimension : 48.2 x 42.8 x 71.5 cm
Weight : 15.7 Kg
Echo Cancellation:
Frequency : 32 KHz sampling frequency; 100Hz-16KHz bandwidth
Controller tail length : 240 ms.
Noise Reduction : 8dB (Low), 14dB (Medium) and 20dB (High)
Residual Noise : Suppressed to room level to prevent pumping noise
Delay : Low delay (10 ms)
Support Level : PeopleLink 1year warranty with direct support
Order Information:  
Product Name : PeopleLink ProAmp-E
Part Number : PD-PCU-PPA-E earlier, Identified as PCU-PPA-E

Key Features:

  • Portable Design.
  • Wireless Hand held & Collar Mics.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Automatic Echo Cancellation.
  • Battery Backup Enabled.

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