Video Conferencing Solutions For Corporates & MNC

Video Conferencing Solutions For Corporates & MNC

With geographically-dispersed work teams spanning different locations including headquarters, branch office, home and mobile environments corporates need innovative ways to get in front of their customers more frequently and to empower remotely-located staff to work more efficiently and effectively without the time and costs associated with travel.


PeopleLink high definition solutions provide a telepresence experience that helps medical experts and scientists collaborate on research without leaving their laboratories.

  • Employees can share opinions, update reports and excels and ask for feedbacks and reports face to face without requiring to travel to their place.
  • Managers can regularly take face to face reports from branch offices, Dealers and manufacturing plant resulting in enhanced outputs.
  • Make more cost-effective use of billable employee time.
  • Improve hiring decisions by multiple decision makers able to join the interview from different locations, at the same time.
  • Improve work/life balance and higher employee retention.
  • Raise employee and customer satisfaction from faster decision making.
  • Access experts or employees in remote locations more easily.
  • Expand your services to a wider Customer & Client Network base.
  • Improve your communication with home workers, Clients, Dealers and suppliers.

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