Video Conferencing Solutions for Courts & Legislative


Video Conferencing Solutions for Courts & Legislative

With more and more courts and legislative bodies considering telepresence as a part of their operation; video conferencing solutions and audio-video peripherals are becoming integral. PeopleLink is playing its role in consolidating the security factors in these legal bodies with Video Conferencing Solutions for Courts and other legal bodies

Cutting down the secured transit cost

Initially, lakhs of rupees were spent on secured transit of inmates and under-trials. Our video conferencing services with unique MCU splitting and combining architecture have been able to curtail this expenditure drastically. We have used the existing servers, PCs, microphones, cameras to connect the courts with prisons without compromising the security or the video quality. We have helped telejustice to have a wider dimension, connecting the legal bodies to form a network of well-connected judiciary units.

Recorded Data for greater operational efficiency

We have taken care of the logistics issues often faced by the legal enforcement bodies. PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Solutions for Courts have the provision to record all the legal proceeding for future reference. We have brought multidimensional video mixing technology, that includes four cameras, capturing all the participants in a single suite. Now you can see the judge, the lawyers of both parties, the convict and the witness within the same frame. Our solutions the legal bodies to pace up the proceedings.

Mobility and simplicity

Video Conferencing Solutions for Banking helps banks and financial bodies become more customer oriented in their approach. ‘Convenience’ is the keyword when it comes to customer satisfaction. PeopleLink’s Video Conferencing Solutions helps banks and financial sectors impress their clients by making wealth management convenient for them. Customers can connect directly with the Branch Managers/Relationship Managers via mobile devices,laptops or desktops to sort out the banking and financial issues. A/V collaborative solutions can also act as a digital signage for silvercasting the latest schemes to the esteemed customers.

The humane touch

The Televisitation facilities work incredibly well within the legal genre,as it connects inmates with their families remotely. This prevents any security glitch and also negates the requirement of bringing in the families and kids in an inappropriate environment for meeting their loved ones.

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