Video Conferencing Solutions for Courts & Legislative


Video Conferencing Solutions for Courts & Legislative

Worldwide, Tele-justice has emerged as a secure way of carrying out legal proceedings. By installing PeopleLink video conferencing system at the courthouse as well as the prison facility, defendants can participate in all legal procedures without law enforcement having to shoulder the dangers associated with jail-to-courthouse prisoner transits. PeopleLink with its unique MCU splitting and combining architecture have developed features to use in the existing Servers, PCs, Cameras and Microphones for the mass deployment of the solution, without any compromise in quality or security. PeopleLink with its unique MCU Splitting and Combining Architecture have developed features to use in the existing Servers, PCs, Cameras and Microphones for the mass deployment of the solution without any compromise in quality or security.

  • The E-Courts aim at effective ICT establishments in lower courts in the country for their functioning. They envisage deployment of hardware, software and networking to assist the District and Rural courts in streamlining their day-to-day functioning.
  • Jails linked with PeopleLink Video Conferencing facility & the District Courts can conduct judicial remand extension of under trials, imparting legal consultation to the accused with their legal advisor's, conducting remote trails quicken the judicial proceedings as per the fast track court objectives
  • Tele–Visitation allows inmates to communicate remotely with their families. Ensuring lower security glitches and providing an appropriate environment for small kids and families to interact with their relatives.

Secure With Recording Every Call

Each and every call can be recorded. Also, we have the unique combination of recording centrally as well as in the independent locations. Thus, helping our clients minimize the huge cost of storage.

Security Benefits

There are risks attached to transporting convicts from prison to the courts. In addition, there are also costs in the form of deployment of policemen, security charges and transportation. Tele-Justice yields considerable savings on these fronts.

Video Mixing

Keeping the court scenario in mind, we have brought in the unique feature of video-mixing, wherein you can take the feed of four cameras (one capturing the Judge, one capturing the witness, one the lawyers at both ends and the other the audience) in the same video conference call as participants and the session can be recorded at the same time.

Locking Down Cost

Previously, the police department was spending in lacks rupee on a daily basis per location. With tele-justice, the expense came down to one tenth rupee per month per location.

Increased Operational Efficiency

With PeopleLink Video conferencing solutions, agencies can increase their operational efficiency by processing more cases and alleviate security and logistical problems for courts, law enforcement and corrections by decreasing transportation requirements.

Simplicity and Mobility

It helps connect more than one courtroom, and enables the use of more than one application. The system provides a simple user interface, which allows users to easily operate and maintain the judicial video conferencing system. The equipment is mobile so it can be moved from room to room, and connects to the court's existing data infrastructure.

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