Experience High quality audio communication with PeopleLink’s voice collaboration DSP, con-vert your Class rooms, Training Rooms, Boardrooms, Auditoriums with the ease of technology for conferencing.

    Product Features

    • Automatic Echo Cancellation: Enables improved voice quality
    • Automatic Gain Control: Provides a controlled signal amplitude over a wide range of input levels
    • Dynamic Noise Reduction: Removes unwanted noise artifacts
    • Full Duplex: Enables simultaneous communica- tion between two participants
    • Feedback Suppression: An device used in the signal path in a live sound reinforcement system to suppress audio feedback
    • 3.5mm jack: Analog input and output through a standard 3.5mm jack


    • Area of application: Classrooms, Training Rooms, Boardrooms, Auditoriums.
    • Capacity: 40 to 60 seater

    Product Specifications: Echo Cancellar EHD


    Frequency Range:30 Hz. to 16 KHz
    Automatic Echo Cancellation:Yes
    Automatic Gain Control:Yes
    Dynamic Noise Reduction:Yes
    Full Duplex:Yes
    Line Input:1x 3.5mm
    Line Output:1x 3.5mm
    USB Audio Port:1xUSB 2.0


    Application Room size (dimensions):Classrooms, Training Rooms, Boardrooms, Auditoriums
    Capacity:40 to 60
    Shape of the room:NA
    Level of management that uses the room:NA


    Components:DSP, USB 2.0 Cable, Stereo to 2RCA Cablex2
    Part Code:PPU-MCC-AMP-200W

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