PeopleLink UVC 25B speakerphones are used in board room and conference rooms. They can be easily connected with VC peripherals through USB wire or Bluetooth. The omni-directional in-built microphones helps in capturing 360 degree audio within a room and delivers 88 dB of clear output without any background noise or echoes.

    Product Features:

    Applicable scenarios

    Personal office for business people, small meeting rooms, carry- on travel, etc.

    Plug and Play

    Portable USB omnidirectional microphone (SpeakerPhone), which can be quickly connected to a computer or mobile phone via Bluetooth or USB to join the conference, simple and convenient, plug and play.

    Intelligent connection

    It can connect and pair with 2 Bluetooth- enabled devices at the same time. A device connected to the UVC 25B via Bluetooth can conduct a hybrid conference with another device connected to the UVC 25B via USB.

    Product Specifications:

    Microphone array

    Built- in four- microphone array, 360° omnidirectional pickup, full- duplex audio technology, can better pick up and call at a long distance, more accurate listening position, intelligent noise reduction, automatic gain, echo cancellation.

    • Using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, compared with the previous generation technology, the transmission rate is increased by 2 times, and the transmission distance is increased by 4 times. It is better to transmit high-quality audio wirelessly with mobile phones/tablet devices to achieve wireless Bluetooth streaming.
    • Support for emergency power failure of mobile phones and other devices via USB, reverse charging, multiple circuit protection, and energy at your fingertips.
    • Built- in 6500mAh large- capacity battery, ultra- fast flash charge, continuous energy, full of vitality at any time, long- lasting battery life, endless, wonderful all day.
    • The bar- shaped RGB indicator light, with a variety of colors, allows users to easily identify the current power, volume, incoming call, mute and other working status of the product, and the operation is convenient and simple.
    • Small and exquisite appearance, easy to put in your pocket, convenient to carry

    Meeting Capacity

    Covering Area:15-30㎡
    Number of Participants:6-12 Persons
    Connection method:USB2.0 ,Bluetooth


    Microphone type:Omnidirectional microphone SpeakerPhone
    Microphone array:Built‐ in four omnidirectional microphones form a ring array,360° omnidirectional pickup
    Frequency Response:100kHz~8kHz
    Structure design:MEMS Pizeo electric microphone


    Speaker type:full range frequency speaker
    Sensitivity:88 dB SPL at 0.5 m
    Power:Maximum : 5W; Effective: 3W
    Frequency response:Talk mode: 150Hz ~ 8kHz; Music mode: 150Hz ~ 16kHz
    Volume:84dBA (1m distance)

    Audio Frequency

    Audio characteristics:2K sampling rate, high‐ definition broadband audio, full‐ duplex voice
    USB protocol:Support UAC2.0
    Full duplex echo cancellation:Support
    Noise suppression:Support
    Gain control:Support

    Connection Mode

    Wireless:Built‐ in Bluetooth data communication (Bluetooth 5.0); Support AVRCP, A2DP, HFP and SBC codec and other standard protocols;
    USB:USB data communication, audio input/call
    Audio:AUX output, connect to speakers through 3.5mm audio cable for music playback
    Power Supply:(1) Input: USB Type‐ C interface, the external power supply supplies power to the UVC 25B devicethrough the USB Type‐ C interface;
    (2) Output: USB Type‐ A interface, UVC 25B charges mobile phones and other peripherals through the USB Type‐ A interface;
    Key:Touch the button (mute button with light indicator

    Environment Condition

    Rechargeable battery:Battery specification: 6500mAh;
    Full charge time: 4 hours (5V/2A);
    Maximum charging current: 2A;
    Talk time: 24 hours;
    Dimensions (L x W x H):124m * 124mm * 32mm
    Weight (L x W x H):0.32 kg
    Working Temperature:Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C (working state), ‐ 40°C ~ 60°C (non‐ working state)
    Relative humidity: 45% ~ 90% (working state), 30% ~ 90% (non‐ working state)

    Ordering Information
    PeopleLink UVC 25

    Part code:PPU-PVC-UVC-25B

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