PeopleLink i3 Plus webcam is designed to create a life like face-to-face experience with its Full HD audio/visual delivery. A plug-and-play device that focuses on an object and displays the sharpest possible image in Full HD. This powerful camera captures even the minutest details with very little bandwidth usage. i3 Plus webcam also offers seamless connectivity with various instant messaging and video chat services.

    PeopleLink i3 Plus

    Low Bandwidth Webcam With High Performance

    i3 Plus Webcam
    i3 Plus Webcam 1
    i3 Plus Webcam3
    i3 Plus Webcam 2
    i3 Plus Webcam i3 Plus Webcam 1 i3 Plus Webcam3 i3 Plus Webcam 2
    • FHD 1080p@ 30fps
    • 90° Field of View
    • Built-in Omni-Directional microphones
    • USB2.0 Compatible with USB3.0
    • Video image format: YUV/MJPG /H.264
    • Designed for laptops and desktops
    • Plug and Play

    PeopleLink i3 Plus Webcam is perfect for at-home video conferences, meetings, live streaming and gaming. The camera is compatible with all major video applications. It features a built-in microphone and noise cancellation function to deliver crystal clear sound and FHD video to your audience. The 90° lens captures a wider image, which is helpful during presentations. Its camera has auto light correction that adjusts the white balance and corrects low light. This hundred percent enhanced plug-and-play device is far more than a high-def stereo, housing elements that, instead of objects, capture pin-sharp images in beautiful full HD resolution.

    Video Calls in HD Imaging

    The i3 Plus Webcam helps to conduct crystal clear video calls in full HD webcam quality at 1080p @ 30 frame rate. The Webcam is set to capture details and is compatible with all major video applications. It ensures a realistic yet virtual collaboration.

    i3 plus webcam
    Built-In Omni-Directional Microphones - i3 webcam

    Built-in Omni-Directional Microphones

    The i3 Plus Webcam has a built-in stereo dual microphone that catches high-quality audio by picking up clear sound from multiple paths. This meeting room camera supports natural conversations from up to 3 meters away. The fantastic audio output makes it more convenient for the listener to catch up on the tiniest details.

    90° FoV with Low Light Detection

    i3 Plus Webcam provides a 90° diagonal field of view, fixed focus, and auto light correction that adjusts to the illumination of your meeting space, making you see clearly, even with poor back-lighting. The Webcam can record every motion of the presenter with ease. With the pre-adjustments, it is much more of an asset for the meeting rooms.

    FoV With Low Light Detection - peoplelink i3 webcam
    Clear And Natural Audio Output - peoplelink i3 webcam

    Clear and Natural Audio Output

    Integrated microphones with automatic noise reduction make the sound clearer and more natural. It picks up your voice and filters out background noise, which allows for precise and natural sound recording. The omni directional microphones take every ounce of voice in the ambiance to deliver excellence.

    High Compatibility with Multi-Application

    It is the perfect choice for taking audio & video anywhere. The Webcam is applied in live streaming, gaming, video conferencing, streaming/recording, and online school. The broad compatibility makes i3 Plus support Windows XP, win7, win8, Win10, LINUX, Android TV, and Mac OS.

    High Compatibility with Multi-Application - peoplelink i3 webcam
    i3 Plus Webcam_Easy to Setup peoplelink

    Easy to Setup, Plug & Play

    Compact design, lightweight and portable, easy to carry and store. Easy to set up in 2 minutes. There is no need to install additional software or driver. With the help of clips, it is easy to mount on LCD monitors, laptops, and tabletops.

    Optimized Video Formats

    Due to the YUV, MJPG, and H.264 video image formats, such as the Webcam, the user optimizes bandwidth usage while providing high-quality video, which is thus a good choice for online communication in terms of efficiency.

    Optimized Video Formats - peoplelink i3 plus webcam



    Sensor:2 Megapixel
    Image Resolution:FHD 1080p@30fps
    FoV:90° Field of View
    Focus:Focal length : 3.6mm
    Microphone:Built-in Microphone
    Audio Pickup:3m audio Pickup range
    Interface:USB 2.0 Compatible with USB 3.0
    White balance:Automatic Color Correction
    Video Compression:YUV/MJPG /H.264 video format
    Mounting bracket:Clip Bracket
    Plug & Play:USB
    Certifications:CE, FCC, RoHS
    Applications:Home Video Conferences, Online meetings, Live streaming, Gaming
    peoplelink i3 plus webcam


    Parametersi3 Webcami5 Webcami8 Webcamera
    Image i3 Webcam i5 webcam i8 webcam
    Sensor2 Megapixel3Mp (2048 x 1536)Sensor 1/2.7", CMOS, Effective Pixel: 2.07M
    Image ResolutionFHD 1080p@30fpsFHD 1080p@30fpsFHD 1080p@30fps
    ZoomN/AN/A4x Digital Zoom
    FoV90° Field of View110° Field of View120° FoV Fixed lens
    FocusFocal length :3.6mmFocal length:3.6mmFocal length: f=3.1mm
    MicrophoneBuilt-in MicrophoneBuilt-in MicrophoneBuilt-in Microphone
    Audio Pickup3m audio Pickup range3m audio Pickup range3m audio Pickup range
    InterfaceUSB2.0 Compatible with USB3.0USB2.0 Compatible with USB3.0USB 2.0: Type A. Plug & Play
    Shutter SpeedN/AN/A1/30s-1/10000s
    White balanceAutomatic color correctionAutomatic color correctionAuto, Manual, VAR
    Min IlluminationN/AN/AMinimal Illumination 0.05 Lux @ (F1.8, AGC ON)
    Video CompressionYUV/MJPG /H.264 video formatYUV/MJPG/H.264 Video FormatYUY2/H.264/MJPEG Compression
    Mounting bracketClip BracketMounting BracketCamera Bracket with damper
    Plug & PlayUSBUSBUSB
    Privacy ShutterN/AN/APrivacy Shiter
    CertificationsCE, FCC, RoHSCE, FCC, RoHSCB,CE, ROHS and FCC
    Applications Home Video Conferences, Online meetings, Live streaming, Gaming Home Video Conferences, Online meetings, Live streaming, Gaming Home Video Conferences, Online meetings, Live streaming, Gaming

    Disclaimer : Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification, Images shown here are for representational purpose only, actual may vary.


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