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Switch between sources and coordinates with the real-time connectors across devices and networks.

Intelligent, easy to program building and room automation solution

Imagine you have an important meeting in your meeting room. You walk in to the room, switch on the Controller touch panel and select the meeting mode (Just one touch).

The audio system is switched on (speakers, mixers, amplifiers),Mic’s are activated, display is switched on and lighting is optimized. The video conferencing system is switched on and the camera’s are focused as per their preset positions, ready for the conference to start! Its all that simple with PeopleLink Insta Control and automation solutions. And this is just one small example of all the control possibilities we have designed to automate your Buildings and Meeting Rooms !!


PeopleLink’s Insta Control and automation App for android, iOS, windows and blackberry enables you to control and automate your meeting room's audio, video, display screen and all electronic appliances with a single touch.



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