PeopleLink DSP is the ultimate choice for High Definition Audio signal processor. The most powerful HD audio available, it delivers full continuous presence meetings with Multi Location Voice conferencing and is ideal for local sound reinforcement. Highly scalable and flexible – PeopleLink’s Multichannel Console DSP provides HD voice communications platform. This powerful, fault tolerant solution is ideal for the communication needs of large enterprises as well as Service providers looking to offer video conferencing services. Advanced design – This is the most powerful and up to date microphone Mixer, DSP and Amplifier available in the Industry today. It is Compact, Simple and extremely User-friendly allowing you to do Large scale Video Conferencing from a compact audio System.DSP Features AEC, Noise Suppression, De-reverb Filter, AGC.

    Multichannel AIO DSP

    Empower Your Meetings with PeopleLink AIO DSP: Unrivaled Audio Excellence

    AIO DSP 2000 x 2000
    AIO DSP 100W- Front
    AIO DSP 100W- Mics
    AIO DSP 100W Side 1000
    AIO DSP 2000 x 2000 AIO DSP 100W- Front AIO DSP 100W- Mics AIO DSP 100W Side 1000
    • Surface Mount Technology (SMT ) Circuit
    • High efficiency of ~90%
    • Rack Mountable Chassis
    • DSP with Inbuilt amplifier
    • DSP with wireless microphone system

    Renowned for its unparalleled audio quality, the PeopleLink Multichannel AIO DSP redefines communication dynamics by delivering seamless and continuous presence meetings enriched with Multi-Location Voice conferencing capabilities. Tailored for versatility, it excels in local sound reinforcement, providing an ideal audio solution for large enterprises. It has advanced features, including Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression, De-reverb Filter, and Automatic Gain Control. It has the most potent microphone Mixer, DSP, and Amplifier. It is also compact, simple, and user-friendly, empowering large-scale Video Conferencing.

    Exceptional Performance Across Diverse Spaces

    Elevate your audio experience from lecture halls to places of worship and performance venues. PeopleLink AIO DSP ensures crystal-clear, digital audio with a robust performance that effortlessly adapts to meeting rooms, classrooms, and training spaces. Enjoy a seamless setup and explore a range of versatile wireless configurations tailored for medium-sized gatherings, accommodating 40 to 60 individuals with an impressive operating range of up to 100 feet.

    PeopleLink AIO DSP
    PeopleLink AIO DSP

    Say Goodbye to Disruptions: Uninterrupted Voice Clarity

    Eliminate echo, noise, and distortion from your meetings. The PeopleLink AIO DSP, coupled with wireless microphones and wall-mounted speakers, guarantees clear sound reproduction and intelligent mixing. Keep your agenda on track with undisturbed communication, enhancing every aspect of your conference audio.

    Simplicity Redefined: Easy Setup, Enhanced Audio Connectivity

    Streamline your audio experience effortlessly with PeopleLink AIO DSP. Benefit from echo cancellation, noise reduction, automatic mixing, and automatic gain control. The fixed architecture ensures a straightforward setup, reducing DSP programming and commissioning time. Multiple connectivity options seamlessly integrate with conferencing microphones, speakers, and laptops. The rack-mountable design allows for quick integration, whether placed on a desk or discreetly under a table. Your conference is only as good as your audio, and PeopleLink AIO DSP makes sound smarter and faster.

    PeopleLink AIO DSP
    AIO DSP Multichannel

    Tailored Solutions for Your Audio Needs

    Experience the convenience of PeopleLink’s expertly engineered solutions. Our products are designed and tested to work seamlessly together, offering you robust and easy-to-use audio solutions for a variety of applications. These ready-made packages alleviate the uncertainty of combining diverse products, providing a quicker, easier, and more reliable solution for your audio needs.

    Perfect Sound Reinforcement: Transform Your Spaces

    Achieve unparalleled sound reinforcement in meeting rooms, classrooms, and training spaces with PeopleLink AIO DSP. Focus on the clarity of speech, sound transmission gain, sound pressure level, sound field uniformity, and music playback sound quality through advanced digital audio processing. The intelligent mixer facilitates seamless audio access in conference rooms, ensuring clear, distortion-free language with no feedback howling. Full-range, high-fidelity speakers meet venue sound field requirements. Elevate your audio experience with PeopleLink AIO DSP – where excellence meets innovation.

    PeopleLink AIO DSP



    Connectivity Technology:USB, Wireless
    Interface:USB 2.0, RS-232, RCA, 6.5mm, Phoenix
    Power Output RMS:100 Watts
    Minimum Impedance:8 ohms
    Power Output @8 Ohms:2*50Watts
    Frequency type:Quartz locked frequency
    Frequency Range:80 Hz-18KHz
    Built-in Amplifier:Yes
    Amplifier Type:Class D (Digital)
    Channel Type:2 Channel Stereo Amplifier
    Built-in DSP:Yes
    Full Duplex:Yes
    3A Algorithm::Built in AEC, AGC & ANS
    LCD Display:Yes
    Wireless Mics:Yes
    Wireless Antennas:Yes, Soft, Flexible
    Microphone Type:UHF
    Microphone Options:Handheld, Headband
    Speakers:2 x 50W Speakers
    Chassis Size:19-Inch chassis 1.5U Rack Mountable
    Application:Classrooms, Training Rooms, Events
    Seating Capacity:40 to 60 seater



    ParameterAIO DSP 100WAIO DSP 200WAmplifier 200W
    ImageAIO DSP 100WAIO DSP 200WAmplifier 200W
    Connectivity TechnologyUSB, WirelessUSB, WirelessUSB, Wireless
    InterfaceUSB 2.0, RS-232, RCA, 6.5mm, PhoenixUSB 2.0, RS-232, RCA, 6.5mm, PhoenixUSB 2.0, RS-232, RCA, 6.5mm, Phoenix
    Power Output RMS100 Watts200 Watts200 Watts
    Minimum Impedance8 ohms8 ohms8 ohms
    Power Output @8 Ohms2*50Watts2*100Watts2*100Watts
    Frequency typeQuartz locked frequencyQuartz locked frequencyNA
    Frequency Range80 Hz-18KHz80 Hz-18KHz30 Hz-16KHz
    Built-in Amplifier
    Amplifier TypeClass D (Digital)Class D (Digital)Class D (Digital)
    Channel Type2 Channel Stereo Amplifier2 Channel Stereo Amplifier2 Channel Stereo Amplifier
    Built-in DSP
    Full Duplex
    3A Algorithm:Built in AEC, AGC & ANSBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANSBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANS
    LCD Display
    Wireless Mics
    Wireless AntennasYes, Soft, FlexibleYes, Soft, Flexible
    Microphone TypeUHFUHF
    Microphone OptionsHandheld, HeadbandHandheld, HeadbandSupports Mics with XLR
    Speakers2 x 50W Speakers2 x 50W Speakers
    Chassis Size19-Inch chassis 1.5U Rack Mountable19-Inch chassis 2U Rack Mountable19-Inch chassis 2U Rack Mountable
    ApplicationClassrooms, Training Rooms, EventsClassrooms, Training Rooms, EventsClassrooms, Training Rooms, Events
    Seating Capacity40 to 60 seater50 to 100 seater50 to 100 seater

    Disclaimer : Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification, Images shown here are for representational purpose only, actual may vary.


    Datasheet - AIO DSP 100W Download
    Datasheet - AIO DSP 200W Download
    User Manual Download


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