PeopleLink Quadro is a Hybrid Conference phone. The 360 degree pan audio pickup feature allows to capture audio from every corner of the room. The device delivers 90db audio output which is completely free from any background noise interference or echoes.

    PeopleLink Quadro

    Immerse in the Sound from Every Angle

    Quadro-7 Quadro-5
    • 4 Bi-directional Microphone
    • 360° Degree Audio Pickup
    • Built-in AEC, AGC, ANS
    • 92dB Output Volume
    • USB Speaker Phone
    • Extension Microphones (Optional)

    PeopleLink Quadro is a cutting-edge Hybrid Conference phone designed for seamless audio conferencing in boardrooms or conference rooms. Boasting a 360-degree audio pickup feature, it captures crystal-clear sound from every corner of a 30ft by 20 space, ideal for 15 to 20 seats. The device delivers exceptional 92dB audio output, free from background noise or echoes. Its USB Speakerphone and Digital Conference Units provide reliable, controlled meetings. Equipped with 4 bi-directional microphones, 92dB Speaker Out, and advanced technologies like AEC, AGC, and ANS, the PeopleLink Quadro ensures unparalleled audio quality for productive collaborations.

    Professional Grade Audio for Meetings

    A professional conference microphone with a high-quality speaker supports 15-20 people business conferences, HD voice, and clear audio pickup from 3 meters. The Quadro speakerphone comes with a 4 bi-directional microphone and HD voice, which helps your voice stay clear on the listener’s end.

    PeopleLink Quadro
    PeopleLink Quadro

    Ease of Use

    Mic speaker support allows us to connect more devices to our computer system. Convenient Mute Button – Quickly mute/unmute your microphone. The built-in indicator light is used to check whether the USB microphone is working.

    Built-in DSP Technology

    Digital Signal Processing(DSP) provides automatic gain control(AGC), acoustic echo cancellation(AEC), and automatic noise suppression(ANS). The Acoustic Echo Canceler eliminates the echo, and the noise-isolating microphone guarantees a high-quality conference experience even in noisy outdoor areas.  

    PeopleLink Quadro
    PeopleLink Quadro

    360° Bi-Directional Microphones

    This gadget embodies 4 bi-directional stereo microphones with a 360° capture range; thus, capturing the audio from all angles is easier. This cutting-edge technology delivers high-quality sound, which originates even from the remotest positions, eliminating the so-called “echo chamber” and facilitating natural communication and interactions.

    92 dB Speaker Out

    The main reason the PeopleLink Quadro 92dB speaker is loved on the speaker market is that it is the highest in quality, not only in audio Output but also in sound fidelity. Explore the intricacies of sound reproduction with this speaker, equipped with advanced engineering. It offers an audibly enriched experience with the utmost clarity, whether the speaker is used to deliver clear communication, make presentations, or provide fantastic entertainment.

    PeopleLink Quadro
    PeopleLink Quadro

    Comprehensive compatibility

    The speakerphone is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems like Windows 7, 8, and 10, as well as Mac OS. It has been tested and optimized for various mainstream conference applications.

    Digital Conference Units

    These control units enable users to oversee their conferencing sessions effectively, eventually minimizing the burden of collaboration and ensuring a solid conference experience. Quadro Digital conference units have been designed with intuitiveness in mind, and they help with simplified and effective communication in any conferencing scenario.

    PeopleLink Quadro
    PeopleLink Quadro

    Efficiency of Any Collaboration

    The USB speakerphone is the best audio conferencing solution due to its ability to deliver quality sound and ease of use. Thanks to its drag-and-drop ease, this ensures a carefree installation suitable for crystal-clear conversations. The Quadro-USB speakerphone increases the quality of virtual gatherings, giving the participants a chance to communicate naturally and enhancing effectiveness.

    External Microphones Addition

    The Quadro allows you to plug the additional extension microphone into the EXT1 and EXT2 jacks. The microphone will pick up well if you are facing it. There are mute buttons and status LEDs on the extension microphone. The green LED indicates that the microphone is on. The red LED indicates that the microphone is muted.

    PeopleLink Quadro


    PeopleLink Quadro
    PeopleLink Quadro
    PeopleLink Quadro
    PeopleLink Quadro
    PeopleLink Quadro
    PeopleLink Quadro


    Connectivity:USB Connection
    Microphone:4 bi-directional microphones
    Frequency:100 Hz to 22KHz
    Voice Pickup Range:3 meters
    Voice Pickup Radius:360° Voice pickup
    Speaker:92 dB Speaker Out
    Expansion Mic:Supports 2 extension mics
    Ext Mic audio Pickup Range:2 meters
    Echo Length Cancellation:500ms
    Interface:USB 2.0 B TypeB
    User Interface:Keypad
    3A Algorithm::Built in AEC, AGC & ANS
    Operating System:IOS/Android/Windows
    Ideal Room Size:30ft by 20ft
    Seating Capacity:15 - 20 seater
    Application:Board room, conference room
    PeopleLink Quadro



    ParameterQuadroQuad Speakerphone 6Quad Speakerphone 12
    Image PeopleLink Quadro Quad Speakerphone 6 Quad Speakerphone 12
    ConnectivityUSB ConnectionUSB & BluetoothUSB & Bluetooth
    Microphone4 bi-directional microphones4 mic array12 mic array
    Frequency100 Hz to 22KHz100Hz-22KHz100Hz-22KHz
    Voice Pickup Range3 meters4 meters6 meters
    Voice Pickup Radius360° Voice pickup360° Voice pickup360° Voice pickup
    Speaker92 dB Speaker Out85 dB Speaker Out95 dB Speaker Out
    Expansion MicSupports 2 extension micsYes (Optional)Supports 2 extension mics
    Ext Mic audio Pickup Range2 meters4 meters3 meters
    Echo Length Cancellation500ms500ms500ms
    InterfaceUSB 2.0 B TypeBType-B, RJ45, Line in/outType-B, RJ9, Line in/out, Din6
    User InterfaceKeypadKeypadLCD Display with Keypad
    3A AlgorithmBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANSBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANSBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANS
    Bluetooth rangeN/A10 meters10 meters
    Built-in batteryN/ABuilt-in 4000mAh batteryBuilt-in 5200mAh battery
    Operating SystemIOS/Android/WindowsIOS/Android/WindowsIOS/Android/Windows
    Ideal Room Size30ft by 20ft40ft by 20ft50ft by 20ft
    Seating Capacity15 - 20 seater15 - 20 seater15 - 20 seater
    ApplicationBoard room, conference roomMedium to Large conference roomMedium to Large conference room

    Disclaimer : Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification, Images shown here are for representational purpose only, actual may vary.


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