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High Definition Video Conferencing (HDVC)

High Definition Video Conferencing (HDVC)

PeopleLink High Definition Video Conferencing (HDVC) is our flagship product embedded with the most progressed video technology, by which the participants of the meeting can experience the real time conversation, including the live data sharing option. The real time data sharing option allows the participants to share any kind of document such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Excel and Rich Media (Audio Visual) files. Its audio codec provides an inbuilt Echo Cancellation, Background Noise Suppression and is highly resilient to common Network Errors.

HD Video and Audio Quality Conferencing

The solution utilizes H.264 VBR / CBR encryption protocols for video & G.723, G.711 and GIPS as audio compression algorithms, which ensure a stable audio video clarity under all network bandwidth conditions.The solution is capable of achieving 1080p resolutions at the most optimal bandwidths.

Desktop sharing and Application Sharing

PeopleLink Video Conferencing Solution is an amalgamation of all major web & data collaboration features like Desktop Sharing, Application Sharing, Sharing of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations etc at no extra cost. Further with the help of various annotation features one can experience the highest level of collaboration for conducting remote conferences just like in person meetings.

Built-in Recording Capability at No Extra Cost

PeopleLink solution has built-in capability to record the complete conference in a non proprietary format & directly store on the computer instead of expensive external hardware based recording devices, which limits the content management options. This solution also has the capability to play recorded meetings or lectures for students or employees who missed the session.

Video Mixing

PeopleLink supports built-in Video Mixing option to allow upto 6 multi format cameras of varied utility to be connected to a single location allowing maximum coverage of the location without the need of expensive hardware based video mixing devices.

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