PeopleLink CM Alpha is an 8 meter distance voice pickup microphone. One is enough and ideal for a standard classroom, a large conference room, it’s easy to install whether on the desk or on the wall. Debug-free design, plug and play.


    Product Features:

    Digital Microphone Array, long-distance voice pickup

    Digital microphone array, 8-meter distance voice pickup. A hands-free lecture and presentation solution.

    Intelligent Voice Tracking

    Adaptive blind beamforming technology, automatic speaker alignment, and speech reinforcement, to prevent from interference and to keep speech clear.

    Multiple Audio Algorithms, High Quality of Sound

    Using patent technologies including Intelligent noise reduction, echo cancellation, and reverberation suppression to ensure clear sound quality and comfortable communication. Requirements for the building of the classroom decoration are low. Supports full duplex.

    Simplified installation, plug and play

    Using standard USB 2.0 and 3.5 mm audio interface, debug-free design, plug and play. Simple system and compact appearance, easy to install and maintain. Supports dual-mode (digital, analog) output.

    Easy to change the appearance, invisible application

    It adopts the technology of hot laminating and wrapping cloth to change the appearance color and pattern more conveniently. With a natural visual effects, it adapts to all types of classroom decoration styles and realizes the Invisible application.

    PeopleLink CM Alpha

    Product Specifications


    Directivity Characteristic:360
    Microphone Array:Built-in 7 microphone arrays to form a circular microphone array
    Pickup Radius:8 meters
    Sensitivity:-26 dBFS
    SNR:64 dB(A)
    Frequency Response:20Hz – 16kHz
    Sampling Rate:32K Sampling, High Definition Broadband Audio
    USB Protocol:Support UAC
    Reverberation Suppression:Support

    Input/Output Interface

    Audio Input:1 X 3.5mm Line in
    Audio Output:2 X 3.5mm Line Out
    USB Interface:Support UAC 1.0 protocol, Audio data communications, Software upgrade,s and parameter configuration

    Generic Specification

    Power:USB DC5V
    Dimensions:130mm X H 33mm

    PeopleLink CM Alpha

    Ordering Information

    PeopleLink CM Alpha

    Part Code:PPU-PVC-DAM-8M

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