Increase productivity and stay focused wherever you are with PeopleLink UVC 35B . Enhanced with Bluetooth you can connect it to your PC, tablet, or smartphone and turn any location into a conference room.

UVC 35B is the perfect solution for conference calls with its compact, intuitive design and outstanding sound quality. It can be set up to take calls or stream multimedia within seconds thanks to a plug-and-play solution. Simply connect to a mobile device via Bluetooth or to the internet using a USB cable and you are ready for meetings.

The high-quality audio sound and 360-degree microphone enable everyone to hear and be heard from all angles across the speakerphone. But that’s not all – you can also use it for listening to your favorite multimedia with crystal clear clarity.

UVC 35B lets you multitask on your terms – take the speaker with you, connect via Bluetooth or USB, and have full control over your calls directly from your chosen device. Get empowered and make a difference at the office or on the go.

    PeopleLink UVC 35B

    Suppress the Noise and Enhance the Voice with 360° pickup

    Speakerphones for meeting rooms
    Audio & Video Collaboration Solution
    Speakerphones for Conference Calls
    Speakerphones for meeting rooms Audio & Video Collaboration Solution Speakerphones for Conference Calls
    • USB/BT/Dongle Connection Mode
    • Built-in Microphone
    • Built-in 80dB Speaker
    • 10 Meter Bluetooth Range
    • 24 Hours Working Time
    • 5200mAh Battery Capacity
    • Type-C Charge Port
    • Built-in AEC, AGC, ANS

    PeopleLink UVC 35B introduces advanced Bluetooth conference speakerphone features for a smooth audio listening effect. Implement six microphones with a range of 360-degree voice enhancement and precise noise reduction. With its portable and wireless design, carrying it becomes pretty simple, and hands-free communication comes during a mode of travel. It quickly operates wirelessly in a range of 4 meters with iOS, Android, and Windows systems. Answering incoming calls or ending a call, volume control is locally controllable by using dedicated buttons on the device.

    360-Degree Voice Coverage

    The 6-microphone precision Bluetooth speakerphone enables us to have a seamless conversation in all directions without interruptions from background issues. This product has a brilliant construction that makes it an ideal travel buddy, as it fits into the office laptop bag to allow professionals hit out for meetings with ease.

    peoplelink UVC 35B
    UVC 35B

    Wireless Collaboration with Bluetooth

    The PeopleLink UVC 35B can be easily connected with Bluetooth. The device comes with a dongle that can be attached to the USB port to connect the device to other devices wirelessly. The absence of wire makes handling and carrying the device much easier.

    Superior Audio Quality

    This speaker phone, having the feature of noise-reduction technology, develops an ideal audio situation with your voice delivered clear as a paragraph. It is also compatible with such cutting-edge solutions like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which makes it an excellent fit for personal workspaces as well as corporate meeting rooms.

    peoplelink UVC 35B
    peoplelink UVC 35B

    User-Friendly, Portable & Compatible

    The speakerphone has committed answer and volume control buttons, one of which is the mute button that makes operation easy. Whether you are using your computer, tablet, laptop or even a smartphone it is an easy to establish the connection but through USB or C charging port based on compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Good for the conferencing devices of Zoom in Google, InstavaC and other online meetings.

    Quick Setup & Seamless Communication

    The UVC 35B speakerphone will let you set up Your conference call in seconds making Ideal for portable Professional. Its portable nature makes it possible for communication without interruptions stemming from the detached access of this device.

    peoplelink UVC 35B
    peoplelink UVC 35B

    Engaging Conversations with HD Voice Technology

    Hearing and engaging in regular, meaningful conversations are essential for people with hearing loss. Thus, HD Voice technology is one of the best ways to ensure this kind of communication remains available to many consumers despite their impairment.

    The UVC 35B comes with HD Voice, entailing top-quality audio discussions. Cutting-edge audio processing ensures that every word will be audible and crystal clear; this way, your communication standing provides a more natural and dynamic atmosphere for conversations.

    Effortless Connectivity, Confident Communication

    It is easy to link up with conference calls at home through Bluetooth and USB using a UVC 35B speakerphone, offering the user a desirable user experience. Instead of the setup of the meeting, focus on its objectives and outcomes, delegating your mobile and staying connected wherever you are.

    peoplelink UVC 35B


    peoplelink UVC 35B
    peoplelink UVC 35B
    peoplelink UVC 35B


    Connectivity:USB & Bluetooth/ Wireless
    Microphone:6 mic array
    Frequency:20Hz - 20kHz
    Voice Pickup Range:3 meters
    Voice Pickup Radius:360° Voice pickup
    Speaker:80 dB Speaker Out
    Interface:USB Type-C/BT/Dongle
    User Interface:Function Keys
    3A Algorithm:Built in AEC, AGC & ANS
    Bluetooth:Yes V5.2
    Bluetooth range:10 meters
    Wireless:Yes - Dongle
    Built-in battery:Built-in 5200mAh battery
    Operating System:IOS/Android/Windows
    Ideal Room Size:20 square meter meeting room
    Seating Capacity:4 - 6 Seater
    Application:WFH / Huddle Rooms
    UVC 35B



    ParameterUVC 35BPVC 50 WSPQuadro
    ConnectivityUSB & Bluetooth/ WirelessUSB & WirelessUSB Connection
    Microphone6 mic arrayOmni directional microphone4 bi-directional microphones
    Frequency20Hz - 20kHz20Hz - 20kHz100 Hz to 22KHz
    Voice Pickup Range3 meters3 meters3 meters
    Voice Pickup Radius360° Voice pickup360° Voice pickup360° Voice pickup
    Speaker80 dB Speaker Out87 dB Speaker Out92 dB Speaker Out
    Expansion MicSupports 2 extension mics
    Ext Mic audio Pickup Range3 meters2 meters
    Echo Length Cancellation500ms500ms
    InterfaceUSB Type-C/BT/DongleUSB 2.0, 3.5mm outUSB 2.0 B TypeB
    User InterfaceFunction KeysKeypadKeypad
    3A AlgorithmBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANSBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANSBuilt in AEC, AGC & ANS
    BluetoothYes V5.2
    Bluetooth range10 meters
    WirelessYes - DongleYes - Dongle
    Built-in batteryBuilt-in 5200mAh battery
    Operating SystemIOS/Android/WindowsIOS/Android/WindowsIOS/Android/Windows
    Ideal Room Size20 square meter meeting room20ft by 15ft30ft by 20f
    Seating Capacity4 - 6 Seater8 to 10 seater15 - 20 seater
    ApplicationWFH / Huddle RoomsBoard room & Conference roomBoard room, conference room

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