PeopleLink iCam FHD 1080p 10X (H.264) delivers instant real time, face-to-face experience through its powerful design that enhances your collaboration experience it provides great productivity benefifts to transform your business. iCam seamlessly connects with your PC / Laptop over USB, so now conduct your large room meetings more ideally, and capture real time speaker expressions and reactions and to efectively communicate with your dispersed teams, Partners & customers.

    Key Features:

    Full Function USB Interface: Full function USB interface,support audio, support compressed video output.

    1080P Full HD: 2.07 million effective pixels high quality HD CMOS sensor, can reach maximum 1920 x 1080 high resolution and achieve quality image.

    Dual power supply:

    Dual stream: Support two stream output (YUY2, MJPEG, H.264 each of both), reduce the host codec pressure

    H.264 Slice/ H.264 SVC Support: Support Slice and SVC encoding mode, adapts to video conference of advance USB application.

    Low-light: High SNR of CMOS sensor combined with 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithm, effectively reduce the noise, even under low illumination conditions, picture can still keep clean and clear

    Remote Control: Using RS232 all the parameters of the camera can be remote controlled by the high- speed communications.

    Ultra-high Frame Rate: The output frame rate up to 30fps in 1080P.

    Phone Set Features
    Enhanced Audio Features
    Automatic Echo Cancellation
    Automatic Gain Control
    Noise Reduction EAF
    Full Duplex
    Non Linear Processing
    Automatic Level Control

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